God writes our story.
I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Monday, November 14, 2016

I Don't Know Who They Voted For

This morning I was a Bad Mom, and I went to get a quiet brunch alone. My husband sent me away with specific instructions to "recharge". I decided to have breakfast (at noon), and eat it while it was still hot. (Winning!) I enjoyed every bite while thumbing through my Instagram, my Facebook feed, Pinterest... ang  suddenly I realized I wasn't recharging. I was feeling heavy over all the political posts and garbage... I was comparing myself to my friends and how much prettier they were than I... I was wishing to have the perfect house/living room/wardrobe that I would never have. So I put the phone down and I closed my eyes to soak in the moment.
I overheard the wait staff talking about their plans for the evening. When the manager came around, they invited him along. A busy businesswoman was making her calls, and she ended each call with "Have a great day today!". But what I noticed most was the sweet little girl in the booth in front of me, She was eating with her mom and Nana, but was playing peekaboo with me. Her mom corrected her by her name and told her to turn around and get ready to go. I looked at the mom and I told her, "She is just so sweet!"
"Well thanks, you want her?!" with a laugh.
"I have three at home, but I'll take her! Did you say her name was Emery? I have an Emery!"
Soon the three of them were at my table and we were excitedly chatting and showing photos to one another. I showed them a photo of my Emery and the mother said, "Oh Emoree! Look! You guys have the same name; you are twins!" The 2 year old little girl just beamed looking at my Emery, who is 11 months. The mother told me how beautiful my Emery was, and I told her how adorable her Emoree was. Nana told me how her and her twin brother were going to be 44 tomorrow. It was a sweet connection we all had.
As they got ready to leave the little girl waved bye and I told them how nice it was talking to them. The mother told me to tell Emoree's twin hello.
I don't know who they voted for. I do know that this sweet mother called her daughter, with beautiful brown skin and big brown eyes, and my daughter, with white skin and green eyes, twins. I could have scooped up little Emoree, and her mom and Nana, in a hug right then and there if I had the guts.
It's such a simple moment, that meant so much to me in a world where everything is divided right now.
Where it's THIS or THAT. Where it's "IF YOU voted _______, then you obviously believe ________". Two little girls (and their mothers) were made aware of their SIMILARITIES and not their differences.

That could make all the difference.