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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bump Update: 27 Weeks


How far along? 27 weeks

Size of baby: Sully is nearing 15 inches long and 2 pounds! Like a head of cauliflower? lol I'm not understanding these vegetable comparisons anymore... 

Milestones: This week his eyes began opening and closing, and he possibly even starting sucking his little thumb! He is spending hours asleep and awake, that will most likely continue to be his pattern after birth!

Total weight gain: Lost a few more pounds as I added an extra iron supplement, and it hasn't wanted to settle in my stomach. I'm now -10lbs from conception weight.

Maternity clothes: Still getting as creative as possible to save money, but yes if my favorite maternity shirt/pants are in the wash it's a rough day. lol

Unglamorous body changes: Stretch marks, very dry skin, and broken blood vessels all over my face from vomiting! New to me! I don't care one bit about it all. I've earned these 'ugly' scars! ;)

Sleep: Sleep is still filled with weird, terrifying, or worrisome dreams... but I'm dealing just fine!

Best moment this week: I'm definitely getting frequent stares now from other people due to my definite G-R-O-W-I-N-G tummy! Even got a few 'you look like you're about to pop!' BUT I'm not. Haha. I'm not annoyed by them, but it does make me self-conscious again that I'm 'too big'... even though I know all preggo tummies are different.

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it. 

Movement: Yep. I'm thinking I may have a walker by about 6 months. LOL

Food cravings: cinnamon toast, Taco Bell tacos, and raspberry lemonade

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go!  For the first time when I read these question I paused at the 'a ways to go!'... I guess I really don't!

Symptoms: hip pain, backaches, slight swelling, and cramping/nausea from movement

Belly button in or out? In... and everyone that sees it seems to get a little jealous that's it's still in! I guess I can thank the 'Gracie scar' in the middle of my bellybutton for keeping it in!

Wedding rings on or off? Off... haven't tried to put them on in awhile... and I'm thinking I may not get a chance to wear them again for a little bit :(

Happy or moody most of the time: I feel like I'm a little more on edge lately... but I'm trying to keep it in check!

Weekly wisdom: (Our heavenly) Father knows best.

What stereotype I embody: I'm constantly trying to balance things on my tummy! HAHA why not?!

What I bought this week: I bought a small basketball onesie for him at Wal-Mart that said "Daddy's MVB (Most Valuable Baby)" on it after having a bit of a bad day. It cheered me up a bit :)

What I checked off my to-do list: We've had our first showing on the house! It was hectic and crazy, but we're glad we were able to pull it off!

Looking forward to: Hearing the RSVPs (hopefully) begin to roll in from the shower invitations Britney is sending out!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bump Update: 26 Weeks


How far along? 26 weeks! 65% of my pregnancy has passed, and less than 100 days til my estimated due date!!!

Size of baby: Sully is 14 inches long and nearing 2 pounds!

Milestones: His nerves in his ears are developing and he's able to hear more and more. He is practicing breathing by moving fluid in and out of his lungs... annnnd he's continuing to put on baby fat!

Total weight gain: Staying steady from last week! Still -6 total!

Maternity clothes: I was excitedly able to get two new shirts during my very first trip to Motherhood this week! Walter was with me, and he was so patient and sweet. I think I really shocked him with how pregnant I'm looking in a few new clothes!

Unglamorous body changes: Stretch marks slightly appearing, and dry itchy skin on my lower back. Also, sneezing attacks! Who knew?! Supposedly it's because my membranes and getting softer to prepare for delivery!

Sleep: Sleep has still been going pretty well. I wake up to toss and turn a little more, but hip pain and a full bladder hasn't been bad enough to wake me up too often. I find myself dreaming (or remembering my dreams) more! This week I dreamed of finding donuts everywhere in my home (tucked in the closet, as a table centerpiece, and even coming out of the faucets!) and delivering my son and holding him... only to be TERRIBLY freaked out when he smiled at me with a full set of teeth! Creepy! lol

Best moment this week: While shopping at Motherhood with Walter I opened the curtain to show Walter a shirt I was thinking of buying only to soon get an audience of two (non-pregnant customers and the (non-pregnant) sales lady fawning over how 'adorable' I looked and how I was such a cute pregnant lady! It was so amazing to finally be that pregnant lady! :') It made me feel so so great! Also, a shopping trip (mentioned later) with Sully's grandparents made my day week month!

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it. 

Movement: I've still been a slacker on kick counting, but I definitely still feeling him kicking and thrashing up a storm during his active times! LOL

Food cravings: cinnamon toast, strawberries, ice cream

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go! :) 

Symptoms: hip pain, backaches, and INTENSE hunger, RAGING hormones lol

Belly button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or moody most of the time: Okay... I'm moody. Big time. Just about everything makes me cry! :S

Weekly wisdom: Always try again. It's better to do and fail than not do and always wonder.

What stereotype I embody: Okay okay! I'm going to admit it now... I'm a waddler! :( Eek! Hahaha.

What I bought this week: I bought nothing this week... however, Sullivan was once again spoiled my his grandma. However, it wasn't his Grammy (my mom) this time! My MIL swore she thought buying items before the baby was born was silly... but it seems like she just couldn't resist any longer! She took us to Kohls before a lunch date and she picked out some items she loved and showed them to Walter and I. Soon, even Walter's dad (who isn't into this type of thing at all) was picking out items as well!!! It was adorable to see them finally get excited and emotional! Seeing them now it has 'hit home' made me realize how real  (and soon!) it's all coming as well!

What I checked off my to-do list: Washed and dried new clothes and blankets from Nana (what I'd like to call my MIL) and got them ready to go. We also officially have our home on the market! Check it out HERE
The baby shower planning has also started! Save the Date: March 16th from 11-2!

Looking forward to: Enjoying the 'height' of my pregnancy! Looking pregnant, watching the baby shower planning, wearing new cute outfits... it's a DREAM!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bump Update: 25 Weeks


How far along? 25 weeks!

Size of baby: Sullivan is over 13 inches long, and weighs about 1.5lbs!

Milestones: This week Sully gained a lot of cute adorable little baby fat (it shows on momma's tummy too!) and he is also (hopefully) growing a lot of hair! If we could see him know we would be able to know color and texture!

Total weight gain: It's really starting to pack on now! Eek! I'm up another 4lbs! Making me still -6 from my conception weight, but I'm thinking it's time to start to sloooow down! lol

Maternity clothes: Definitely as much as possible!

Unglamorous body changes: More stretch marks appearing, but oh well! :)

Sleep: Sleep has been really nice lately. I've been going to bed just a little later at night, and I'm definitely able to sleep fairly soundly throughout the night.

Best moment this week: Passing my glucose test! I was really nervous about it!

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it. 

Movement: I've slacked on kick counting, but he's still a very active little boy!

Food cravings: peanut butter, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs...

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go! :) 

Symptoms: hip pain, backaches, and INTENSE hunger

Belly button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy and anxious

Weekly wisdom: Go ahead and nap :)

What stereotype I embody: I'm definitely having more 'pregnant meals'. Cheez Wiz and crackers or just pulling a whole pie tin from the fridge and eating it. It's embarrassing and awesome at the same time. 

What I bought this week: I bought still more baby hangers and finally had enough to finish hanging his hand-me-downs from Aunt Nicki and have some to spare!

What I checked off my to-do list: I've started to organize and plan to make him a little space of his own in our already overflowing kitchen! Little things like that are definitely making it more real!

Looking forward to: Strutting around in some cute maternity clothes. Now that I'm looking pregnant and not just fat... I'm ready to be out and about a bit more! lol

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bump Update: 24 Weeks


How far along? 24 weeks! 61% of my pregnancy has passed, and only 113 days to EDD!

Size of baby: My lil man now weighs just about 1.5 pounds! He is still just under a foot long as well. 

Milestones: His brain is growing quickly (I hope he has Daddy's math skills!) as well as his lungs. His skin is still translucent, but that will soon change.

Total weight gain: I've added yet another 2 lbs! Total weight gain from conception is -11lbs!

Maternity clothes: Maternity clothes are so much more comfy, and I'm really enjoying finding new purposes for my pre-bump clothes! :) I like seeing how they fit differently and love flaunting my bump! 

Unglamorous body changes: Flea bites finally gone, urgh, that was a mess! Really, I can't complain about anything. I've been reading other blogs and talking to other women 24ish weeks along and I am feeling REALLY BLESSED. Pregnancy has been good to me!

Sleep: Sleep is still about 50-50, and I am SO thankful for those nights of deep, uninterrupted sleep! Enjoying them now before the bump gets bigger and before I'll never want to stop staring at my beautiful little boy!

Best moment this week: My best friend Britney and I went out for a girls night and I'm now getting asked more and more often when I'm due and how far along I am, etc. I really do love it. Mommies are coming to me and telling me about their little ones, and I see the pure bliss in their eyes... I can't wait! :')

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it. 

Movement: I started tracking and kick counting last week and I have DEFINITELY found a pattern now. I've heard that some babies keep up the same sleep/active pattern after they're born and I am hoping for that! Sully's most active times are late morning (9-10AM), late afternoon (2-3PM), and about the time Daddy comes home (5-6PM). Granted, I could be missing his active times while I'm sleeping... but I figure being able to sleep through them they can't be that bad! :)

Food cravings: breakfast foods, and peanut butter and chocolate!

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go! :) 

Symptoms: hip pain, backaches, and INTENSE hunger

Belly button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or moody most of the time: Happy, overjoyed, excited!... anxious :)

Weekly wisdom: Give everything you have into your marriage. It makes no sense to badmouth about your spouse, complain, or whine. Healing has to start somewhere, and it will be the most worthwhile thing you've ever done if you just show love.

What stereotype I embody: I'm HUNGRY ALLLLLLLL THE TIME!!! And then the next moment... stuffed.

What I bought this week: I still haven't bought anything new... feeling very proud of myself. :) However, I'm needing more baby hangers from Wal-Mart. Sully was also gifted an awesome CD from his Amazon list (yep, the kid already has an Amazon list!) from Aunt Kay!

What I checked off my to-do list: I gained weight... am I supposed to be doing something more? lol jk I've been getting tired easier lately, and I've read another big growth spurt is about to come. I hung up some items in his room and made a plan for a few other smalls projects soon. Walter and I also kicked some MAJOR butt on a deep clean for the house and we list our home Wednesday!!! :)

Looking forward to: Is it too soon to say moving into our new home? Probably since we have a ways to go (and it's not even built yet! lol) but I'm just so excited! Another milestone accomplished as a couple: listing our first home for sale! I'm also excited to get a new profile picture of his little face now that I've been reading he's gotten a little fat on it! lol

His little room! :)

First home... and second home (kind of lol)!

Sully's first CD!

Dancing to music!

23 weeks at Tony's

Getting R-O-U-N-D

Monday, January 7, 2013

Preggo Questionnaire

How did you find out you were pregnant?  I took my first HPT five days after the embryo transfer on Walter's day off. It was negative. I was sad, but not crushed and worked hard to stay calm. The following day I had not planned to take another test, but I just had a feeling... Walter left for work and I took a test. I sat the stick down and cleaned up the bathroom a bit. A quick glance and the test. And then another! It was positive! 
What kind of Pregnancy test did you take? Clearblue digital. I swear by those guys, and after so many negative tests I never want to play the "two line game?" again.
How many?  Just one... on that day. I took another the following day and another two days after that and another two days after that! Then came my blood tests! :)
What were your 1st symptoms?  Sore breasts!
Who did you tell first?  My husband of course!
Who was with you when you found out?  I was alone... but I did IMMEDIATELY call my husband and then my best friend! 
My 1st reaction:  Complete shock and joy! "I'm pregnant!!!"
Was your baby planned?  About 1,000 (and then some) times!
When was the baby conceived?  Oh, the difference having to do IVF makes... my baby was conceived in a PETRI DISH (not a test tube! ;) on the beautiful evening of August 7th, after my egg retrieval surgery.
How far were you when you found out?  Obviously I got to find out the very first day possible. I was 3.5 weeks pregnant.
How did your parents react?  My mom cried, my dad was happy!
My baby
Due Date:  April 30th, 2013
Do you know the sex?  A wonderful little boy
Any names?  Sullivan James Wallheimer
Any Ultrasounds?  Oh goodness yes... Our first at 6 weeks to confirm how many we were pregnant with, and then another at 8 weeks to make sure our little one was growing correctly. We were then released from my RE and I started on the daunting task of finding an OB. At one OB I was sent to get an emergency ultrasound after they couldn't find the heartbeat at 12 weeks. Then we had another ultrasound at 16 weeks because I was impatient and wanted to find out the gender of our little one. Finally, again at 20 weeks we had an ultrasound for our anatomy scan. I'm sure we'll get at least two more, lol.
Have you heard the heart beat? At about every appointment. I think the last time is was around 140?
Who do you think it will look like?  I think he'll be the perfect combo of us both. His lips, nose, and hair? My chin, face shape, and eyes?
Will the baby have siblings?  He will have two beautiful fur sisters, and 13 angel siblings in heaven.
Have you felt the baby move?  I first felt him in the tub at 12 weeks, and now I feel him every day!
Did you have morning sickness?  Yes!
Did you have any cravings?  All. the. time. Mostly of mac and cheese and fruit.
Did you have any mood swings?  Walter says I haven't been too crabby, but I definitely jump between joyful and tearful often.
Are you a high risk pregnancy? At first I was because it was an IVF pregnancy. Now I am not :)
Any complications?  Praise the Lord NO!
Formula or Breastfeeding? Hoping to breastfeed
Have you bought anything for the baby yet?  Are you kidding?! An entire room full!
When did you start to show?  I felt like I started around 12 weeks. I think Walter noticed it (and close family did) around 15-16 weeks.
How long could you wear your regular clothes?  I still am wearing some at almost 24 weeks :)
Will you keep the baby’s clothes?  Some of them
Home or Hospital?  Hospital
Natural or Medicated birth?  Natural if possible
Who will be in the delivery room with you?  My wonderful husband 
Do you think you will need a C-section?  It has become a nightly routine to pray for a vaginal delivery. It still weirds Walter out to say 'vaginal' in a prayer! LOL
Will you cry when you hold the baby for the 1st time?  Absolutely. Probably the first 100 times.
What’s the 1st thing you might say to the baby?  Haven't thought about this... maybe "you are my dream"
Will you let anyone video tape the birth?  No thanks
Are you excited?  Oh yes! Excited... anxious... scared...  :)
Who will help you with the baby after the birth?  My husband, my momma, my MIL, my bestie, my sister... I'm sure I'll be in good hands!
What is your favorite thing about being pregnant?  I love every. little. thing
What is the worst thing about being pregnant?  I'm not sure, really
What’s one thing you miss doing since being pregnant?  Having wine  
Any days you wish you were not pregnant?  Never
Are you ready for a baby?  We're getting there!
Do you have insurance? Yes
How many kids do you want?  As many as God allows. Four maybe?
Do you talk to the baby? Often. And sing, though he may want me to stop... lol
Do you still feel attractive?  My husband definitely makes me feel it. He says pregnancy has been good to me and he compliments me often :)
Have you had your baby shower yet?  Not yet! March 16th I think
Do you like kids? Adore them!
How far along are you now?  Almost 24 weeks!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bump Update: 23 Weeks


How far along? 23 weeks... Happy New Year! 2013 is going to be the best!

Size of baby: My lil man weighs over a pound now and is about a foot 'tall' still. He is like a large mango.

Milestones: His sense of movement can now feel if I'm dancing, etc. His hearing is also becoming more keen, so now he can hear Mommy's terribly lullabies. :) 

Total weight gain: Back up +2lbs. Total weight gain from conception is -13lbs!

Maternity clothes: Exclusively 'maternity' shirts when out in public (or extremely over sized shirts I have been using as maternity), and only because Walter doesn't mind when my bump keeps pulling my pajama t-shirts up! lol Pants are a different story. I still have one pair of maternity jeans I love, and when they are in the wash I'm still wearing my pre-maternity jeans. They're baggier in the thighs, etc now that I've lost a little weight but as long as I let them ride below my bump they work! I just can't really stand the nylon crud over my tummy! :S ew

Unglamorous body changes: A few stretch marks on my tummy are getting darker, but I don't care. I've been getting congested often now, and it's been interesting getting hard work done at times and sleeping. The flea bites are finally starting to subside!

Sleep: Sleep is about 50-50, and never a grey shade in between. Every other night I am out like a light and waking up totally refreshed. The other nights I'm tossing and turning most of the night and fighting hip pain and nightmares!

Best moment this week: Walter and I went out to dinner with my parents for New Year's Eve and I definitely saw quite a few nods in my direction and some sweet faces and 'awe's. I guess I'm really looking pregnant now and I LOVE IT! :) Also at that dinner, I Sully and I ate 10 ounces of beef tenderloin and Walter ate 14 ounces! We kept joking about how we definitely ate our baby's weight in meat! And yes, I'm still 'under weight' from what my doctor is wanting me to gain! lol

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it. 

Movement: I started tracking and kick counting and WOW! My little man is amazing! I've done the kick counts for a few days now, and it never takes him more than 15 minutes to get 10 kicks in. I wait until I feel him kick once or twice and then I start the timer and count from there. I figure this will tell me how often he's kicking and will record the times where he is most active!

Food cravings: Baked goods! Cheese danishes, blueberry muffins, cinnamon rolls... MMM

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go! :) 

Symptoms: hip pain, backaches, and intense hunger

Belly button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? Off due to constant hand washing from using the constant bathroom trips! lol

Happy or moody most of the time: Still a worryier, but I feel like I'm keeping it under control the best I can. Still very teary eyed, and so much can set me off! 

Weekly wisdom: Live your life to be an inspiration for others.

What stereotype I embody: From couch napping to cabinet re-organizing in .2 seconds!

What I bought this week: I bought nothing for him this week... 

What I checked off my to-do list: ...but instead organized a lot in his room. :)

Looking forward to: Deep cleaning the house to get it listed FOR SALE soon! (I'm thinking this will definitely help with the beginning nesting crazies I've been kinda feeling lately!)