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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bump Update: 26 Weeks


How far along? 26 weeks! 65% of my pregnancy has passed, and less than 100 days til my estimated due date!!!

Size of baby: Sully is 14 inches long and nearing 2 pounds!

Milestones: His nerves in his ears are developing and he's able to hear more and more. He is practicing breathing by moving fluid in and out of his lungs... annnnd he's continuing to put on baby fat!

Total weight gain: Staying steady from last week! Still -6 total!

Maternity clothes: I was excitedly able to get two new shirts during my very first trip to Motherhood this week! Walter was with me, and he was so patient and sweet. I think I really shocked him with how pregnant I'm looking in a few new clothes!

Unglamorous body changes: Stretch marks slightly appearing, and dry itchy skin on my lower back. Also, sneezing attacks! Who knew?! Supposedly it's because my membranes and getting softer to prepare for delivery!

Sleep: Sleep has still been going pretty well. I wake up to toss and turn a little more, but hip pain and a full bladder hasn't been bad enough to wake me up too often. I find myself dreaming (or remembering my dreams) more! This week I dreamed of finding donuts everywhere in my home (tucked in the closet, as a table centerpiece, and even coming out of the faucets!) and delivering my son and holding him... only to be TERRIBLY freaked out when he smiled at me with a full set of teeth! Creepy! lol

Best moment this week: While shopping at Motherhood with Walter I opened the curtain to show Walter a shirt I was thinking of buying only to soon get an audience of two (non-pregnant customers and the (non-pregnant) sales lady fawning over how 'adorable' I looked and how I was such a cute pregnant lady! It was so amazing to finally be that pregnant lady! :') It made me feel so so great! Also, a shopping trip (mentioned later) with Sully's grandparents made my day week month!

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it. 

Movement: I've still been a slacker on kick counting, but I definitely still feeling him kicking and thrashing up a storm during his active times! LOL

Food cravings: cinnamon toast, strawberries, ice cream

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go! :) 

Symptoms: hip pain, backaches, and INTENSE hunger, RAGING hormones lol

Belly button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? Off

Happy or moody most of the time: Okay... I'm moody. Big time. Just about everything makes me cry! :S

Weekly wisdom: Always try again. It's better to do and fail than not do and always wonder.

What stereotype I embody: Okay okay! I'm going to admit it now... I'm a waddler! :( Eek! Hahaha.

What I bought this week: I bought nothing this week... however, Sullivan was once again spoiled my his grandma. However, it wasn't his Grammy (my mom) this time! My MIL swore she thought buying items before the baby was born was silly... but it seems like she just couldn't resist any longer! She took us to Kohls before a lunch date and she picked out some items she loved and showed them to Walter and I. Soon, even Walter's dad (who isn't into this type of thing at all) was picking out items as well!!! It was adorable to see them finally get excited and emotional! Seeing them now it has 'hit home' made me realize how real  (and soon!) it's all coming as well!

What I checked off my to-do list: Washed and dried new clothes and blankets from Nana (what I'd like to call my MIL) and got them ready to go. We also officially have our home on the market! Check it out HERE
The baby shower planning has also started! Save the Date: March 16th from 11-2!

Looking forward to: Enjoying the 'height' of my pregnancy! Looking pregnant, watching the baby shower planning, wearing new cute outfits... it's a DREAM!

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