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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bump Update: 21 Weeks


How far along? 21 weeks... now we're OVER halfway there! eek! lol

Size of baby: Sully weighs about 13 ounces, and is about 7.6 inches long per all my pregnancy apps. However, at his last appointment we were definitely told he was measuring over 11 inches! At 20w2d Sully was measuring 21w4d! He's definitely my growing boy! :)

Milestones: This week he is getting his first taste for things! My apps have told me what I'm eating now will be the first to really test his taste buds and will begin to give him an idea of foods he'll like after being born. He will now respond to sound as well- especially daddy's voice after a long day of hearing mommy, haha. His eyelids and eyebrows are also developing. 

Total weight gain: Gaining slowly and surely... at the doctor's office I was 217! ...but my scale at home says otherwise. Either way, it was enough to make my OB not come down to hard on me... though she still commented she'd like me to continue to gain.

Maternity clothes: Still pretty exclusively maternity clothes, lounging clothes... or my husband's clothing! Thanks to my wonderful aunt who bought me a pile from Motherhood for my birthday! BIG SCORE!

Unglamorous body changes: I'm still feeling beyond blessed. Got my first sign of pregnancy stretch marks, and it doesn't bother me one bit. My skin is still dry and flaky, but nothing large amounts of lotion can't fix. Still *knocking on wood* heartburn is rare, no leg cramps, varicose veins are non-existent, and my hair has stayed calm for the most part! Still no linea negra or outie belly button either. The slight backaches and intense hunger is manageable. ;)

Sleep: With my Snoogle on one side and my dear husband on the other... sleep has been really great, respectfully. Still wake up from time to time with hip pain or nightmares, but I fall quickly back to sleep and feel well rested in the morning! I told my husband this morning I may never get a straight 8 hours again, and that it's preparing me to sleep with baby. I get about 2 hours of sleep and am up for 30 minutes with hip pain. Another three hours of sleep and a nightmare keeps me up for 15 minutes... and so on.

Best moment this week: The best moment- easily- was Sully's anatomy scan. I really was a nervous momma with all the things we could be told was 'wrong'. The nerves didn't settle when we sat back about to have the ultrasound and the tech told us she had a hard time working with the babies that day and a lot of parents had to reschedule! :( I told her ours was pretty good, and she shushed me for possibly jinxing it. Sully was amazing! However, right away we saw him stick his tongue out at us! It was sooo funny and sooo cute! She was shocked to see how quickly and how clearly she was able to see EVERYTHING she need to. She checked his lungs, and looked at his diaphragm and his kidneys. She was able to see that he doesn't have club feet or a clef palate  She was even able to see all four chambers of his heart. Everything she could check she did within 15 minutes and he passed with flying colors! He measured 21w4d at 20w2d! The OB told us she wouldn't be surprised if he was an 'early baby'! Walter and I got to see our little man and can't help but think he already looks like a strong and healthy boy... who takes after Daddy!

Miss anything? I would give up ANYTHING for this baby and not miss it.

Movement: Still thinking I need to start a log of his movements sometime soon, though I know it's not as pressing until about 25 weeks. Still not seeing much of a 'pattern'. 

Food cravings: TGI Friday's fried green beans, peanut butter, taco rice with Mexican cheese and Twizzlers! YUM

Anything making you queasy/sick? Nope. Almost gone completely.

Gender: It's a BOY! Sullivan James Wallheimer 

Labor Signs: Still a ways to go! :) 

Symptoms: slight hip pain, backaches, and intense hunger

Belly button in or out? In 

Wedding rings on or off? Off right now, not due to swelling just yet but to give my dry skin a break

Happy or moody most of the time: I snap a little more often, but am quick to apologize! :S Sorry friends and family!

Weekly wisdom: At 21 weeks pregnant... I'm starting to feel more and more like every other pregnant momma! I worry a little less because of our harsh past, but I worry a little more as mommyhood is around the corner. I've become anxious about bringing a baby home, and how will we manage our time, finances, and new lives? I start to relish in quiet moments with my husband more... and I say things I never thought I'd say. I'm a happy pregnant momma, and though my infertility is still around, it's in the back of my head for right now. :)

What stereotype I embody: Waddling. I'm a waddler now for sure. It's just more comfortable to let it all stick out and waddle my way around! lol

What I bought this week: Hmmm... I don't think I bought anything for Sully this week! lol I was gifted some great maternity tops though. 

What I checked off my to-do list: The discussions of THE baby shower has begun! My bestie is beginning to get the ball rolling for early January preparations! SO exciting! I've really been working on his baby blanket too and have made HUGE progress! I'm thinking I may have it under the tree just yet! :D

Looking forward to: Being pregnant at Christmas :) and spending quiet moments with Daddy.

Sully's spine. I love it!

This is one the tech got right after his tongue went back into his mouth, lol!

His little foot doesn't look so little anymore!

I joked about how our son had "no modesty" and when she found his penis right away she just had to comment on the picture, which I love!

My baby boy.

20 Week pictures!

Does Sully look more like Daddy or Mommy?
Daddy has been getting most of the votes. 
Believe it or not, that makes me really happy!
I am SO blessed with my two amazing men. I cannot wait to have a son like my husband!

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