God writes our story.
I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Barren to Homemaker

Recently I posted about my sincere burden for infertility awareness and my desire to keep blogging, teaching, and encouraging.
However, recently some slightly shady things/people have come around and my mommy instincts have flared up. To be honest I thought of quitting blogging for a minute, but that just kind of crushed my heart. I then considered leaving info/pictures of Sully of of the blog, but I do enjoy talking about mt kiddo as well... what mom doesn't? So finally I decided on making a separate blog for my Sullivan posts.
Please know that this seperation is to protect my son, and not an attempt to be selfish with him or cut you out of the loop. :) Please request an invite by leaving your e-mail if you're interested in reading about him as well.
The new blog is called "Barren to Homemaker" from Psalms 113:9, which gave me so much hope before and during my pregnancy.
This blog will continue to be all about infertility awareness and I hope you'll all continue learning and growing with me through it all.

Much love to you all!


  1. completely understand your reasoning. I've recently switched my blog to a private status by invitation only. If you would please add me to your other blog's reading list I would appreciate it. My email is church.tj04@sbcglobal.net.

  2. I must follow! Christaannburns@yahoo.com (-:

  3. I am so sorry that people are giving you a hard time. I pray that you can continue to share your life in the safest way for your family.