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Monday, October 18, 2010

Grateful for this Season

So, on this day, a day in which I was able to nanny Michael (a 2 year old I adore!) again I think of the fun things we've got to do today and other times we've hung out together. Tears almost well up in my eyes when I think of the last time he came to spend a few hours with me. My husband had the day off of work, and while he mowed the lawn Michael and I dance to his favorite TV show and then he helped me clean the bunny cage. Afterwards, we three went to the park to play. The leaves were falling from the tree, and all three of us filled the air with laughter. We took a walk and played "I Spy" and I couldn't help but wish we were parents. Another morning with him this morning went the same. We ran errands together, sang and danced, had a trip to the park... On these days, I really wish I had a list of all those things young moms told me to "enjoy while I can" because I can't think of ANYTHING more enjoyable than this. So! With Michael with his mom, and with a clearer head, I am going to make that list I wished for earlier! :) Because there still is nothing my heart wants more right now than to be a mom, however, no sense in giving up the luxuries while the nursery is empty. Here is a list of things I will appreciate NOW because I can appreciate being a mom:

1) The 'extra' money in our budget going towards things we want.
2) Sleeping throughout the night.
3) Watching horror movies out in the open.
4) Alone time with my husband.
5) Sex. Any time. ;)
6) Going out with friends, or out to dinner, on a whim.
7) Postponing trips to the grocery store because another night of Ramen is no big deal.
8) Road trips, traveling.
9) Drinking with dinner, or champagne just because!
10) Mission trips without guilt.
11) Having a few less distractions to pursue God.
12) Watching my favorite television show uninterrupted.
13) Listening to the occasional vulgar rap or Gaga song in the car.
14) Not having to spell the words like "desert", "bedtime", or "shit".
15) Actually, not having a bedtime.
16) Going to the movies.
17) Going to a restaurant without a playplace.
18) Hours of scrapbooking, playing video games, reading...
19) Still being kids ourselves. Whether that be acting goofy at the grocery store, or throwing a bit of a tantrum after a bad day.
20) Not loading a diaper bag, stroller, car seat, etc everywhere. Carrying only my purse, my Bible, or my cell phone.
21) Not stepping on legos or cheap McDonald toys while walking around the house.
22) Dinner for two can sometimes be a bag of potato chips at 10pm.
23) Having conversations all day with your spouse and not one of them end up about the school system, 'diaper blowouts', or spit up in whatever places.
24) The trip to Wal-Mart at 1 a.m. is to get the next movie for the at-home marathon, not a sleep-deprived trip to get diapers.
25) Not having to worry about where the electrical socket fob went, or having glass jars of candles on every surface.
26) We can decide to go to a concert instead of paying the electric bill during spring and fall and not have a mindful of worry if it is shut off.
27) The backseat of my car is for projects, groceries, friends... not bulky car seats that smash gummi bears into the upholstery.
28) Laundry can wait.
29) Taking however long I want to 'get cute' before leaving.
and lastly...
30) Knowing that the best is yet to come. <3

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