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I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Loss to Gain

After un-blocking the many cute 'baby bump' photos of my friends and my friends of friends... I've decided it's time to loose the weight... to gain the weight. :) Because I already look like I could pass to be 3 or more months pregnant, it's time to loose it! Seriously. When the time comes, if the time comes, I would LOVE to have such cute baby bump photos! SO! I'm going to loose the weight. Not starting Monday. Starting right now. At this very moment!

Also, some much delayed news... The first thing we were told to do when we annouced we were interested in adoption was "Network, network, NETWORK!" it helps us stay sane and because you never know who's friend had a cousin has a sister who is pregnant and ready to give the baby up for adoption. Hence, one of the many reasons for this blog. :) Well, I had a friend of a friend on facebook help me out two years ago by sending me a sweet care package while I was at YWAM, and Laura and I have been facebook friends ever since then. We had a lot in common, and from what she has told me, she followed my blog and my facebook posts pretty closely and wishing there was something she could do to help. Then, something awful and unexpected came to be, in which she also became pregnant. Laura is recently engaged, and has decided she does not want to start her marriage off with a child that will remind her of the horrible way the child was conceived. She believes someone else will be able to give that child more love than she would be able to. So, she contacted me. :) We are both still praying, and it is still a very new idea to the both of us... but it is also a ray of hope for us both. We are hoping to meet sometime this month.


  1. That's pretty exciting news! Too bad it had to be under such unfortunate circumstances :(

  2. how exciting! praying for you and her!