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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Filled, but still Empty

I know I'm behind and haven't informed most of my blog followers, but Walter and I have our first 'placement' in our home! A girl! No, she's not from the foster system... lol. She's actually a friend's little sister who has left home and is trying to find her own way. Now I know we said we wouldn't take 11+, but we thought this would be a good exception. She is 18, and she is giving it her best try we think. There's a lot of growing up to do, but so did I when I was 18.
Having her here has been interesting to say the least, but we really are excited to be helping her out and having her fill the room that's stayed empty for so long... (actually, the last person that lived in the room was her older sister, a good friend of mine! haha). However, it does bring up a wide array of emotions, as most things do for me nowadays. I feel blessed to be able to help her, in a way I was once helped out when I moved into a couple's home from church... but it always brings up all those feelings of WHY we're able to give her that room... because I won't be bringing my daughter home from the hospital anymore. My daughter's in her own home in heaven now, which leaves us with an empty room in our heart and home once again.

By the way, for all of you who said it, Walter and I are not actively trying at this point... however, after feeling like crap and being almost 2 weeks late I thought I'd take a pregnancy test. Big Fat Negative. So there. "Not trying" doesn't always work either. Just one more myth I get to bust for y'all ')

Myself, the good friend Sarah, and the little sister Abi, the Halloween Sarah lived with us in 2008.

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