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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Am I searching for a + too quickly?!

Today is the 27th day of my cycle, and to be honest I'm sitting her with the "to buy or not to buy" question in my head. I stopped keeping pregnancy tests in the house, because I found myself jumping the gun waaaay too early and not being able to contain myself... However, at 27 days in, is it time?! Yes, my periods ran very irregular and a little on the long side... but is it worth a shot?!
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  1. It's not time just yet! When I think I am pregnant, I just skip the at home test and go straight to get a blood test at my doctor's. My insurance covers that test, it's WAY more accurate, and I get to save the $14 or so for baby clothes (if needed) . . . or gas.

  2. I guess I would wait a week past when you would *absolutely* expect the period to come. But that's just me.