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Friday, July 27, 2012

A Week in the Life of Ordering Fertility Medication

Friday 07/20
Freedom Fertility calls to set up the delivery of my prescriptions. I miss the call and try to call them back immediately. (Employee #1) After a 10 minute wait time, I am disconnected. (Employee #2)
I try to call again a little later and the phone lines are closed for the weekend.

Monday 07/23
After my doctor appointment, and IVF has been moved up at least 21 days, it's time to really get a rush on my prescriptions. Freedom calls me to tell me my doctor has ordered ganirelix, and they are currently out of that drug. (Employee #3) Really? I'm told to call my doctor and have her fax an authorization to use cetrotide instead. I do, and she does. I'm told to call back to confirm. (Employee #4)

Tuesday 07/24
While watching my nephews Freedom Fertility calls again. I am on the phone with her for three minutes giving her my name, my insurance information, and my birthday before she puts me on hold to 'find my paperwork'. I am on hold for 14 minutes before she returns. I hear her typing up information and she reads me the list of medications to be sent. In the middle of her talking, I am somehow, mysteriously, disconnected. (Employee #5)
I try to call back three times, and there is a busy line (for an 800?!).
Finally I call and get a ringing. I am on hold for 21 minutes before I get another woman to pick up. She puts me on hold to get my paperwork for about 7 minutes and returns to get my credit card information and then the phone call is finished. I should expect my delivery Thursday between 10-3. (Employee #6)
Freedom call back later in the day for a few more questions. (Employee #7)

Wednesday 07/25
Freedom Fertility calls me early in the morning for another question. (Employee #8)
Freedom Fertility calls me again later in the evening, around 7PM and tells me that an authorization wasn't collected from my insurance about one of the medications.
"So what do I need to do?... Wait, are you telling me that will now not be delivered by tomorrow?!"
"No mam, we need this authorization and..." I almost black out.
It's possible I'm supposed to start my injections tomorrow, I've already started spotting.
After talking to her for a bit (Employee #9) I finally ask for a supervisor and I'm transferred over to Andrea (Employee #10) after a 15 minute hold.
I explain to her how my week has been, and I'm embarrassed to admit I was not nice. After talking to her for  an hour she promises me that she can have the paperwork needed done in the morning, and that she will get the drugs to me by Friday. She apologizes over and over, and I'm starting to calm down. She tells me she's going to handle it personally as the supervisor and that she will give me a confirmation call in the morning when she gets the approval and to expect the prescriptions at my home Friday between 10-3.
I had a doctor appointment Friday morning at 9:30AM, so I call to change it to 8:30AM to be home in time.

Thursday 07/26
I didn't get a confirmation call, but with my period here the excitement of upcoming IVF and all the 'to dos' distracted me and I forgot.
At 6:30PM I get a phone call from Freedom Fertility.
"Hello, my name is Aaron and I'm calling from Freedom Fertility. Do you have a minute to talk?" (Employee #11)
"It looks here on the paperwork that we have not received an authorization from your insurance, were you able to do that today?"
"Are. You. Serious?!"
He laughs nervously.
"You need to go get Andrea. And please hurry."
"Andrea is not available but I will transfer you to our supervisor, Shirley" (Employee #12)
After almost a one hour phone call will Shirley explaining my week again she puts me on hold to 'find a resolution for me'. I tell her this conversation is deja vu because I had this conversation with their other supervisor Andrea yesterday. She informs me, very confused, that Andrea isn't a supervisor. I have to take deep breaths. She says, "Okay, I'm just going to put the phone down, because I'm sure you're tired of hearing that music, but bear with me"
I have to admit, this makes me laugh.
When she returns she says things that are music to my ears.
"Jen. We've never done this before, but I want to restore your faith in our company again. I am going to ship your medication without the authorization." Honestly, she could lose her job for this. She doesn't have all the documents proving I need these medications and she is sending over $700 of injections and pills that have yet to be paid for. I can't help but be appreciative. She promises me they will be here during the delivery time of 10AM-3PM. She asks that I call Winn Fertility (the section of my insurance for fertility patients) and please have them send the authorization. I promise to do it first thing in the morning.

Friday 07/27
My appointment at my doctor's office was at 9:30AM, but I called yesterday to make it 8:30 to be home in time to receive the medications in case they are to be there first thing at 10AM. I leave at 8AM and after doing blood work and an ultrasound I return to my home at 9:30...
with a FedEx sticker on my door.
I frantically call the number. The package is on the truck, and the truck won't return until after closing. The truck will attempt to deliver again on Monday.
No no no no no no!
I drive to the FedEx locally and explain my situation. She tells me the truck won't be back until 10:30AM (better!) but that I'll need to call the 800 number and have it placed on 'hold' vs 'delivery'. I told her I've already called and didn't hear that option. She tells me to call again and tell the automated voice to "place a trace". I do so. Yes, in the lobby! She laughs and goes to the back.
"I'm sorry, you cannot place a trace on this package. This package was attempted to be delivered today at 8:35AM and will not return until closing. The package will attempt delivery again on Monday. Goodbye."
"Ma'm, I'm sorry..." I'm yelling to the back "...but they wouldn't let me."
"Honey, people do this every day, you need to figure it out." and she walks back to the back again.
I call again and say "speak to a representative". (I have to tell you here, there are no options, the recording just gives you blank space to say what you need 'in your own words'. Urgh!) Finally, I'm able to switch the package to be held at the building vs be delivered. I tell the woman I'll come back at 10:30.
As I come back to wait, I call Winn Fertility about the authorization.
At 10:30 I walk in and there's no one there. I wait a few minutes and then walk through the door again to make the bell sound that they have a customer. No one.
"Helloooooooooooo?" I say. No one. So I wait.
About ten minutes later the woman I spoke to before comes up and tells me that the truck driver is not coming back.
"But you told me they were!" I'm seriously frustrated and confused beyond my own belief at this point. "Mam, let me explain to you why this is so important..." and I explain to her that I need the injections to begin IVF today and have a baby. I'm starting to tear up.
"If you need it, you'll have to wait until Monday."
"Can't you radio her or something and find our where she is? I'll go get it."
"She's in Mascoutah."
"Fine" I say, exasperated.
She begins to look up the number for the driver, and while doing so she looks at me and asks, "So how old are you anyways?"
"Oh and you think you're really ready to be a mama huh?"
I'm shocked. I look at her, and she stares back. "Well, this is my second time doing IVF so I'm pretty sure I've thought it through and that whoever can go through this hell sure deserves to be a parent."
She finally gives me the number. As I walk out she yells to me "Good luck!"
I drive 45 minutes there. I finally get the box I've need all week. A huge sticker on top says 'refrigerate immediately'... is this really a package they've decided to keep in the sun of an old truck? As the driver hands it to me she says, "Wow, I sure hope it's all okay in there..."
I can't wait til I get home. I go in my car and rip it open. Thankfully, the contents are still cold.
I get home to pack away the medications...
You guess what happens next...

If you guessed not all medications are there, YOU ARE CORRECT.
I call Freedom Fertility and while they're 'looking for my paperwork' I'm again disconnected mysteriously. (Employee #13) I call Shirley's direct line. Another woman answers (Employee #14) and tells me she's with another customer, and that she'll call me right back.

I bet.

In the end, I have the injections I need at least, and I should start injections today. After about 10 days of these suckers, it's time for the ER (egg retrieval)!
I had a dream last night that the doctors were now able to do the ER and ET (embryo transfer) at the same time! As they were knocking me out, Dr. Cooper was soothing me -as always- and she whispered in my ear "...by the time you wake up you'll be pregnant!" It was then that I woke up. I was disappointed and excited at the same time.

My dream may be finally coming true.
Baby Wallheimer, thinking of you makes all this work and frustration worth it.


  1. Oh my God. OH MY GOD! I was having heart palpultations reading this. I am so glad it worked out, but I I would be firing off lots of angry emails in the meantime, fingers crossed.

  2. Haha Jackie!
    I definitely wasn't always as nice as I should have been, and I'm definitely needing to learn more of letting go and letting God take care of it all. He's got this! I really want to believe/live that.
    However, heart palpitations aside (us too!) we're just thankful it worked out and we're moving forward! :)

  3. oh.my.god.

    that is INSANE! you are unbelieveable and i PRAY God rewards your determination and tenacity over and above!!! love love love.

  4. Thank you for the prayers Stephanie. I hope God is preparing me for a baby, because this lack of sleep, worrying, and frustration could pay off for that! :) lol