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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bad Blogger playing catch-up

There is just SO much to catch up on... I have not been a very good blogger lately. I blame the heat and the fact the computer is in the hardest-to-cool-room of the house. Anyways this first blog, yes it's enough for two blogs (!), is for all the non-fertility stuffs. ;)

Thanks to Pinterest, I made a Date Jar for Walter and I. We have Date Night every Wednesday, but have gotten a little sloppy. So I have over 100 ideas in a jar now, and for the last two weeks Walter has drawn a date. Oddly, they were a lot of the same... but were still really fun!

The first date we drew was 'I' Date. We had to think of ideas that started with an 'I'. 
So we decided to stay Inside, since it was so very hot, and order Imo's. Walter finally convinced me to watch the horror movie Incidious. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean, for a horror movie it wasn't that scary... but it also wasn't that good. We also played his game Infamous together and ate Ice cream.

Last night he drew 'S' date. We went to a Steakhouse (Outback) in Swansea and had Steak and a Small Sundae. Afterward, we took a ride to Shiloh to look at something we've been Shopping for (more on that later!). We also stopped for Snocones on the way home. We Snuggled. :)

I'm very excited for the other date ideas like: Recreate our first date, Melting Pot, Home project together, etc.

Okay... so onto that thing we've been 'Shopping' for... ;) 
Walter and I have a goal to have our home listed to sell by September (since the deadline for August is today! and we're not ready). We have been shopping for a new home for a couple of months now, but have just recently gotten serious about it because Walter's contract finally went through! We didn't get what we were hoping... not even near it. But it's over and he's still happy. We had an appointment Monday to look at our house (after my doctor appointment ;) but I love making you all wait!) and got into the area early. So, like about 20 times before, we decided to drive up and down the subdivisions we loved. Only this time we took a turn down a subdivision we've always passed before. Not because it's not beautiful but because we thought it was just for people who wanted to build, and we 'couldn't afford that'. Right before we left, on a last minute decision, we pulled into the model home to just walk around and look. Soon, we were looking at options and he was taking us to the different spec homes -which were also for sale. Immediately, I fell in love with not just one- but TWO of them! They're close to the same price, but very very different. I really love the area. It's a great subdivision that has a subdivision pool and the houses are beautiful. Yes, I have a favorite, but I'm trying not to get too attached until we sell our home. If one sells, we have a plan B. If they both sell, we have a plan C... to build in that same subdivision. We can hold a lot, and have already picked a lot just in case the two homes sell. Please be in prayer for us. We don't want to be anxious, but you know how it is when you're in love. :)

House #1. Ranch-style home with beautiful cabinets. 3 bedrooms, and a HUGE basement we would love to finish when that is needed to make this home 3300 square feet! Fireplace. Vaulted ceilings. 

Home #2. Beautiful two-story home with big bedrooms. The kitchen and dining area is super spacious. Fireplace. Large basement. 

House-shopping and giddy about the future!

Lastly, non-IVF-related, I had a job interview Monday that I would be perfect for and it would be perfect for me. It is for a woman who goes to Metro, and got my number from Marilyn (the children's ministry leader) when asking about a nanny. Her son's name is Matthew, born 5 weeks early. She also has a daughter who is 7 years. They're wanting full time care (and after-school care) M-F. I've let her know about our upcoming IVF and told her I wanted to be up front and honest that I may be pregnant by the time she is wanting me to start (the second or third week of Sept). The family said that was no problem. :) Whew! They are praying on a decision now and will get back to me by mid-August. I truly hope she allows me to nanny her wonderful children. Not only does it seem like a great family and wonderful opportunity, it will make a NEW HOME and BABY much easier! :)

NOW... onto the IVF post! ;)

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