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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Birth Control & Baby Making

Our injections were supposed to be ordered Friday, and arrive Saturday.
Waiting around Saturday I finally called to see when they should be delivered.
They weren't ordered. It appears the lady that called with our insurance had forgotten.
I ordered them Saturday, but OF COURSE, that can't be delivered Sunday... the day I'm supposed to begin injections.
After tons of phone calls and talk of driving 3 hours away to a pharmacy that carries the injection we needed, I finally got in touch with the on-call doctor. He apporoved to me wait an extra day and begin Monday. Whew!
However, I'm supposed to remain on birth control until the injections are begun. So I was now short one pill. The only solution? Order a full extra month for that. ONE. STINKING. PILL.
You know, in the grand scheme of things spending another $35 isn't worth the fight... it's just that I LOATHE I'm spending it on birth control that I KNOW I don't need. *sigh* Oh well.
He called in the perscription and off I go to pick up my 'Birth Control for IVF'.
The sweet, old pharmacist looks and me... and looks at the perscription... looks at me... she is looking like she wants to say something. I'm expecting a question of "How is IVF going?" or more likely "So, what's wrong with you?" (it HAS happened!). Instead she begins, "You know, sweetheart. This pill is called birth CONTROL and it doesn't help you get pregnant. In fact, it's made to KEEP you from getting pregnant. If you're interested in that 'enveeto' this wouldn't be the best thing to take." I stare at her. She continues, "Are you understanding? Um, this birth control isn't for controlling BIRTH, it's for controlling PREGNANCY and you CAN'T get pregnant while taking this pill."

Honestly, I'm in shock.

It takes 20 minutes to explain to her and assure her that I know what I'm picking up. I get in the car, emotionally exhausted and pop the remaining birth control pill I will ever, ever take.

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