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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hit Me With The First Shot

Thank you everyone for all the prayers! Last night Walter did the first injection. He cleaned off a table, and began prepping the needle. I was so excited and giddy to be beginning to process, and he was so kind and patient with me and I snapped pictures while he concentrated (he is not usually so allowing of my crazy picture-taking). He remembered to inject air into the medicine vial(which I would've forgotten) and he tapped out every air bubble like he had done this a thousand times before. I was impressed. When we were prepped and ready to go I set down his camera phone and laid back on the couch and... "WAIT! Are we doing this now?!" He looked at me with a "yeah duh" expression. "Babe, that is why I've gotten all this ready. There's no turning back now." He said calmly. I was impressed, yes... but definitely NOT ready. I'm usually so good with shots, but it was the tummy shot and it was supposed to sting and the shot came with a whole bunch of 'what ifs' that I honestly I am afraid to think about. I teared up, and Walter talked me through it. After about five minutes I laid down and said "GO" and the shot was over.
Now, here's my moment to brag about him. He. Was. Amazing.He didn't go too slow, which I was afraid of because that would really hurt. He didn't go to fast and hard, which I was afraid of because that would hurt even worse. He sat back and told me not to move for a bit because it was about to sting, and he stood up to clean up our prep area. This, ladies and gentlemen, is when I began to bawl. I kept crying and telling him over and over, "You did it SO well!" and "Babe, you were so so good!" and I was just plain crying due to the relief I felt. He smiled at me and that's when I knew he was relieved as well.

Walter just finished his book that I got him last night. It is a book written by a man who went through IVF FIVE TIMES with his wife. This man is very in-the-know and honest. I should know, I read the book first! It has been super helpful to the both of us. I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in IVF for their husbands, and plus, it will give you both a good laugh at a time you especially need it.

More later when I get my calendar in the mail...
Can you tell I am very excited about this?!


  1. So happy for you! Wishing you the best, and trusting everything will turn out as it should. :)