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Monday, February 27, 2012

Next Step: Lupron + Follistim + Menopur (+Patience)

Hard to believe it's only been a week, but after blood tests we've been approved for the next step again! I know for all of you who do not know IVF steps, this speed is UNBELIEVABLE!
Now I am taking 20 units of Lupron, 150cc of Follistim, and 75units of Menopur. The first shot of Menopur was last night. I know I have Christian readers, and you all are keeping me accountable in my description of how the Menopur felt... however I definitely wasn't accountable when it was administered. It stings like a... whew. It feels like your flesh, your insides, and everything the medicine slowly creeps to Is. On. Fire! I cried, I cursed, I yelled. Walter stood, Walter held my hand, Walter was patient.

Fun Fact: Menopur is actually made from the urine of women in Menopause. Gross right? But explains the stinging.

The Menopur was interesting. Instead of drawing from a vile (like Lupron) or having a handy pen (like Follistim) we actually had to mix the solution ourselves drawing from one vile of liquid and injecting into a vile of powder. We waiting until it fully dissolved, then withdrew and injected. A big pain in the butt. Right now we are using one vile of liquid and one vile of powder... I'm dreading the day (and it will come) where we mix one vile of liquid with TWO viles of powder. Ouch.

Sounds like we should get a degree in this stuff doesn't it?!
We would vote for that.

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