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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lupron COMPLETED. Now, Lupron + Follistim

I've been taking 20 units of Lupron (aka Luprolide) for a week now. The first shot was terrifying, but it slowly got easier. The first shot I gave myself was a little scary too, but we both survived. :) Now I'm taking Lupron like a pro.
It only makes sense that another injection is added! Now, I'm just joking about the frustration of adding another shot, because we are seriously blessed to be adding it so quickly.
Women with PCOS, what I have been diagnosed with, usually have to stay on the Lupron a little longer than most. Lupron shuts down the ovaries functions and follicles so they can be 'revved up' when the times calls for it. With PCOS women have larger ovaries with more follicles so it usually take a little extra time on Lupron. However, the first chance we got we have been moved to begin the next injection. With the thought in mind that some women with PCOS have to stay on JUST Lupron for 4, 5, 6 (or even more) weeks, I'm so joyful that my body has taken the drug for what it's worth and allowed me to move on.
The Follistim pen is amazing. We still have to draw the 20 units of Lupron from a vile and check for air bubbles, etc... but the Follistim comes in a pen that is so handy. It's a lot like the pens of insulin diabetics use. You just load, dial the dose, and press down. I stuck myself with the first Follistim, but the button rotates as you press and it made me a little nervous, so Walter pressed. I'm sure I'll feel more comfortable with it tomorrow now.

Side effects?
Honestly yesterday I had quite the depression. Feeling alone, feeling like no one cared or paid attention... which is definitely not the case. I feel like I fell into that victim mentality yesterday that I've been trying to safeguard myself from. Can't be on top of things all the time I guess. I know there are going to be some days where I'll just have to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. I think I've learned to be humble through this. I think I've learned not to be a victim but a fighter in this. I think I've learned to lean on God for things others can't give from this. It might just be time to learn that sometimes, it's just going to suck, and I can't feel guilty about it.

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