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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Going to the gym and I'm, going to get f-i-t.

(If you didn't sing this title to the tune of 'Going to the chapel and I'm, going to get married' you need to re-read and try again.)

Been going to the gym lately. Not to lose weight, but to be healthy. For myself. For Walter.

Let's be honest.

For the baby.

Everything for the baby. I feel like I can eat all day long, but facebook friends encouraged just to keep under my calorie goal and continue working out. The hunger is just my metabolism getting its act together. Nice.

You know, I haven't always been fat. In high school, before all this infertility/PCOS thing, I was thin and beautiful. I know I will probably never be that way again, and that's okay.

But I dream of the things learning to be a little healthier will bring me...
Cute maternity photos.
Better-fitting clothes.
Energy to run and play with my children.
More of a sex drive for my husband.

Sorry, getting personal, but sometimes I just don't feel sexy (especially with the bruising and injection sites all over). I get depressed sometimes, but it's only when I lose sight of how far I've already come.

I quit smoking in January of 2010. It's been over two years, and still a struggle.
Still, one of the greatest accomplishments of my life.

Thank you baby for helping me be a better mommy already.

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