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I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Love Note

It's funny how God hits your conviction spot sometimes isn't it? Buried deep in your heart, begins a little hurt, and then guilt... and then remorse.

Walter and I got into an argument last night for the first time in quite awhile. Other than the usual marital bicker, we haven't argued in months. I guess we had it coming.

For the first time we threatened to sleep separate -although we still didn't- but we didn't cuddle (feel free to hit me later if you think this is lame)! :) But I woke up this morning just feeling awful. It was the first time we didn't get to a resolution before we went to bed. He kissed me goodbye this morning, and now I feel awful I can't hug him while telling him I'm so sorry.

Especially after finding something. It was a love note he wrote me during our dating times, in 2007.

I had to share the corniness that new love brings:

I've been thinking, there is a lot on my mind
It's all about how I love you and you're one of a kind
You have eyes that could light up the darkest cloud
Your smile melts me and makes me want to shout out loud
When you laugh and smile you have the cutest dimples
I even like the lighter hair the grows out of your temples
Your overall beauty goes from you head to your toes
In a garden of weeds you are a beautiful rose
To me you are physically perfect with your looks and body
I never say this, but it's clear you're a hottie
When I look at you I feel like I am the king of the world
I'm so glad to be with the most beautiful girl
You are more then just physically perfect to me
Your perfection goes deeper than eyes can see
Being around you makes me feel great
You're the best girlfriend and all-around top rate
You're so amazing I can't even begin to comprehend
I'm hoping we last together until the very end
I love the fact that you are on fire for Jesus
He has given everything we have to please us
I feel in my heart you were sent to me from heaven above
I hope that you can see for you I have nothing but love
I never knew I would find an angel on Earth
I'm so glad your mommy gave birth
You're amazing and awesome and perfect and a joy
Being with you makes me feel giddy like a little boy
I get all tongue-tied and can't always say what's inside
But know my feelings good, with nothing to hide
You're a great person and you'll do great things in life
Maybe one day I'll be able to call you my wife
Sorry if that scares you or creeps you out
I don't mean to make you sad or possibly pout
Just know that I love you now and for years to come
I very well may love you until my life is done
Anyways here is a brief overview of what's been said
I love you from now until I am dead
You're perfect in every shape, form, and way
You could brighten the night and make it day
You're am amazing woman with everything you do
And the final paraphrase: I REALLY LOVE YOU!!!

Single ladies, if a man ever writes a note to you like this- despite the cheese- and you can tell he really means every word... marry him. He will make a good husband.

Thank you Walter for still kissing me before you left for work this morning. :)
I love you
Come What May

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