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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SBL'12 Update

  • Swim at my parents' pool
  • Eat lots of sno cones
  • Make/eat s'mores
  • SMASHbook
  • Dye some of my hair a fun color
  • Go on a road trip
  • Visit a bed & breakfast
  • Try new foods 
  • Renew our vows on our anniversary
  • Spend an entire day reading/crafting
  • Watch a sunset
  • Have a picnic
  • Hold my nephew/niece
  • Carve our names into a tree
  • Go to the Botanical Gardens
  • Go to Skyview and watch my first drive-in movie
  • Have a 'slumber party' and stay up watching movies all night
  • Catch up on making yearly Shutterfly photo books
  • Give my husband a great Father's Day gift
First sno cone of the season with Will & Kate!

Toasted s'mores in a jar for a desert auction. Raised $35.

Beginnings of a soon-to-be very full SMASHbook... I'm addicted.

I chose teal in support of PCOS awareness. 

B&B style!

Trying new foods the entire B&B trip! This is what will forever be remembered as the 'polka dot pizza'! Soooo delicious! 

Wrenn Ensley Storm, the new love in my life

Hard to see in the photo, but it is amazing. I'm thinking of adding other initials soon... 

At the Missouri Botanical Gardens; My two favorite parts: The dragon made of fine China, and The Wishing Tree. You can guessed what my wish was for. 

Our first drive-in movie(s): Madagascar 3, and Snow White & The Huntsmen.  

At first Walter was kind dissappointed/confused about his gift of an empty jar... but then when the eyes where closed it turned into a special jar... called 'Walter's TATTOO FUND ONLY'. It took me months of collecting tips, random dollars, etc for him to not notice!

At the Missouri Botanical Gardens again, but I had to share... Kissing where we were pronouced husband & wife three shorts years earlier. Time really does fly when you're (married to your best friend and) having fun!

What I'm working on now: 
  • Paint the spare room, and turn it into a craft room (getting closer, and picked out the color!)
  • Take violin lessons (called for an appointment, and I'm on the books!)
  • Create a 'Date Night' jar (thinking of ideas, found the jar!)
  • Finish crocheting the blanket for our bedroom (about 1/2 finished!)
  • Work out and lose weight (definitely needing to get into best 'IVF shape' possible)
  • Walk the dogs a lot (will help me lose the weight)
  • Create a Before/After photobook of our home (I have the 'Before' part finished in the book!)
  • Update our profile for foster care (room is getting better by the day, appointment Tuesday!)


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