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Friday, June 8, 2012

May Maddness

Sorry to have been out of the blogging loop. I intend on catching all up in the post, and then going back and reading all the blogs I have missed It truly has been a crazy month (yes, I realize it's June... MID-June... but I just can't accept that quite yet, lol).

Birthday Belle- My little fuzzbutt had a birthday this month! We went to Traveling Tails for their temperment test (for our vacation later) and unfortunately had to get a shot beforehand due to my poor planning. A shot on her birthday? I'm a terrible mommy. However, she always takes shots like a champ and almost act excited for the shots due to the extra love and treats after. Speaking of which, we got her a special 'Happy Birthday' bone as usual from Four Muddy Paws. She shared with Lucy and their little noses were covered in the 'chocolate' for the rest of the day. 
I remember the day we got Belle; She was Walter's 21st birthday gift. She was not the smallest in the litter, but definitely picked on like the runt. She still has a scar on her nose from panicking when her brother was trying to play with her. As soon as we stooped down she just crawled into my lap, she was so ready to be away from all the roughhousing. I thought she was so sweet, and calm... she was immediately my first choice. We were going to name her Akasha, an evil vampire from a movie Walter and I loved... but she was simply too sweet for a name like that. Her calm lasted for an entire two days. She thrived being the only dog in the home (until recently when we definitely felt it was the right season to get her a playmate). 
Belle's birthday always makes me think of how quickly time passes. We got her right after we moved in our first home, just months after getting engaged. Walter was new to his job, and could fit everything we owned into one room of our 'four bedroom home'. We had two camping chairs, an air mattress, a small tube TV, and this new puppy. Let's just say, potty training was a piece of cake with no where to hide. Walter was being sent out of town a lot with work and with all we've been through, it was the roughest season on our relationship. 
I'm so grateful for what we have now. I don't show it all the time, and so maybe I'm still learning gratefulness, but I definitely appreciate the little built-in reminder our little Belle's birthday serves. In her four years we've seen a lot, and I love her more than I ever could have imagined for claiming to 'not be a pet person'. Happy 4th Birthday my little Stinkerbelle.

Being Mrs. Jenny- Most of you know, I've been a nanny for quite some time now. It's not steady work, but it's the best job there is. This is my third summer sitting for Will & Kate (the first summer was full-time, the past two have been for just 4-5 weeks) and they are some of the best kids I know. If my kids are half as cool as they are, I will consider myself overly blessed. We've been having tons of fun with daily art projects, field trips, clubhouse making, and many games of hide-and-seek. My three weeks with them are over as of today, and I cannot wait to spend one last week with them beginning the end of July. 

First Respite & Updates- Walter and I completed our first respite for foster care! For those of you who do not know, respite is taking care of foster children who already have a foster home for a small period of time while the foster parents or away -or- babysitting. :) We are thrilled to have this under our belts.
We are also in the process of switching agencies. Our agency really wasn't doing much for us, and after helpful advice from a friend (you know who you are!) we decided to switch to Christian Child Family Services (CCFS). Unfortunately, in doing so we found out our license was never 'completed' and our home study and medical reviews expired last month. Urgh. BUT, that's just the way it is. Our new home study is this upcoming Tuesday. Walter and I are really excited to be finally finishing this process, and feel like we're walking into a season that is preparing us to accept children into our home (of course, pending upcoming IVF news). Please be in prayer for our new case worker, agency, home study, and medical review. It will be nice to finally get that license in the mail officially!

IVF- Hello, did you skim down to see if I'd be talking about this? :) I'm sure there are a few of you out there...! You can admit it.
Walter and I are 'officially' in IVF round #2! Our plan has been drafted after changes have been discussed and we're on our way. I was supposed to start medication to prompt my period Monday (I haven't had a period since the period after IVF #1 with Day 1 being March 22nd) that is a pill for 10 days. Instead of starting I decided to put it off for a bit... it would be very unfortunate to have my period during our vacation! Thank you Sarah for the reminder! This, of course, pushes our IVF procedure date back a week or two... but I think we are both definitely okay with that. Our doctor has decided less pills and more shots, in short. There will be much more on this later. Right now please be in prayer for some upcoming blood work on Monday. (Also please be in prayer for two amazing friends, who also just started seeking fertility help at Washington University and have decided to do IVF/ICSI in September.)
Our attitudes are very different from last time. After reading a blogger's post that I follow, I realized we've passed our first 50months of trying to conceive. Seems like it's impossible, but June is our 52nd month. However, there is a peace and a calm... We know where we stand whether this results in a pregnancy or not. If it doesn't... well, that is okay. It really is. I'll be excited to fully open our home and be a foster momma! I am a blessed, blessed woman. For the first time in my life, when I think about being pregnant with a child a little bit of a "I'm not ready!" panic shivers through me. I think it's because I am so happy being a wife to Walter right now, and am excited for the many things to come sans child. Another part of me thinks that's the perfect timing to expect a child to come. ;) Exactly what happened when I found the man of my dreams.

Pamper- I was finally able to get my hair dyed! Whew. For a long time I have been rocking that awesome new 'ombre look' completely unintentional, lol. I was able to sit back, get my hair dyed, and get my eyebrows done as well. For awhile I had been thinking of adding just a little teal to my usual jet-black dye job in proud support of women with PCOS. Well friends, it has been done. I seriously love it. Getting to do this has been heavenly. I thank the Lord for this awesome nanny 'job' (I can't believe I get paid for so much fun!) to let me do the little things like this that I've been putting off for over 7 months- Will and Kate (and their Mommy!) even had my spray their hair blue today. It only lasts one day, but it was awesome.
I was also able to get a pedicure with my sister yesterday. Her due date for her third child is today. I didn't even mind it that out of the eight women getting their toes done that I was one of the only ones not pregnant (Thank goodness for ONE other woman!). I'm so happy for my sister- even saying that has been a long trip of healing- and I'm so excited to meet my new niece/nephew soon. 

I think that's all for now. I promise to be around more... wait... I guess I don't really because vacation starts tomorrow! Wow. I'm so excited for some time alone with my beloved. I promise to be back right after to tell you all about the non-sexy details! Hopefully it will be a short post. lol ;)


  1. My hubby and I did foster care/respite about a year ago. Heartbreaking yet amazing experience! You guys will be awesome!! Soo soo soo many kids that need love from a steady family!! fun times ahead.

  2. that's awesome that you're looking into being foster parents. I work for the lead child welfare agency in our county which manages adoption and foster care in the area. i have the highest respect for foster and adoptive parents! :) :) good luck to you!