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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves

Pregnancy Must Haves by daughterofhisimage

A friend and blog I follow made a 'Pregnancy Must Haves' list and I thought it was a wonderful idea! You can check out hers here.

1) Tank Tops- I luckily had a few really good and stretchy tank tops from Old Navy because of working at Starbucks, and they were lifesavers! I wound up buying more, and buying a few that were maternity as well from Old Navy and I loved them. I wore one almost every day. They were perfect under both maternity and my normal shirts to help stretch over my tummy and give me a little extra coverage. 

2) Lotion- My skin usually airs on the dry side during winter months, and with this pregnancy it has gotten out of control! I am constantly slathering on lotion. My favorites were Aveeno and Jergens because the smells were not as overpowering and because neither left me feeling greasy. 

3) Slip-on Shoes- I have three pairs of shoes that I've worn for the whole pregnancy and I've adored not being able to work hard on getting them off/on (especially in the third trimester). I have a pair of black ballet flats, a pair of slip-on sneakers, and knee-high boots that I pull on. These three shoes have worked with any outfit I've wanted to wear during my pregnancy and have been really comfy. 

4) Yoga Pants- I almost never want to stop wearing maternity pants, though I know I'll have to, but a simple pair of yoga pants have been great for days around the house, running errands, and mid-afternoon napping!

5) Beach Towel- Tease me if you want, but I've used a beach towel for getting out of the shower the last few months! When a normal towel wasn't wrapping around my belly and staying 'closed' while I dry my hair and put on make-up, my husband suggested a beach towel. After pretending to be offended and laughing at him, I thought to try it. I will definitely be keeping this up until I'm back to regular-towel size, lol.

6) Cardigans- It's a good thing these are in no particular order, or cardigans would be #1! I've dressed in lots of layers, and have been able to use all my cardigans I have from before pregnancy to keep me warm. A tank top, maternity shirt, and cardigan have been my 'staple outfit'. I have a couple from Maurices that I love, and I didn't feel bad about buying another 2 or 3 because I'll be able to use them again.

7) Water Bottle (and MIO)- I'm not a fan of water. I will admit it. However, it's been easier on me to fill up a water bottle and drink from the straw throughout the day. Water always tastes better from a straw, and even better with some MIO added to it. It contains sucralose which my OB approved and said it was better than Crystal Light. I've even been using the Great Value Wal-Mart brand recently because they have a delicious Raspberry Lemonade!

8) Snoogle- This pregnancy body pillow was $80! Before owning one I would say there was NO WAY I would pay $80 for a pillow I would 'only use during pregnancy'. Despite my stubbornness, my MIL took me to Babies R Us for my birthday in December and bought me this pillow for my gift. It really is like a cloud! Walter teases me often about stealing it for himself, and I told him I now would have NO problem buying a second one because it is the only thing that helps me sleep. With Walter on one side and my Snoogle on the other, sleep has been pretty great for being a pregnant woman. 

9) Body/Face Exfoliators- As previously mentioned, my skin has been so dry and itchy because of the winter months and pregnancy. It felt really good sitting in the warm tub and giving my skin and good scrub, and it was definitely necessary to scrub my face with one often to stop the peeling!

10) Thin Belt- A thin belt for right above my bump has been one of my favorites. I bought one in black and one in blue (Yay for Team Blue!) to put on with my shirts that didn't around have something built in to make them more empire-waist. When I feel like a shirt just isn't looking right with the bump, I've added a belt and it is all of a sudden this adorable maternity-style outfit. 

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