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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Makes Three (but won't be free!)

This morning I received a call with some results. Our insurance request was denied officially, and not even a dime of IVF will be covered- not even the consultation we had yesterday. My heart sicks. Although my mother has offered to pay for the most of it... it's added pressure I don't need, and it's a lot to ask. I never knew the 'baby makes three' dream would come with a large price tag BEFORE diapers... I thought it would be, you know, FUN... not $15,000.

This afternoon I received a call with some results. The blood work I did yesterday is good... except for one small part. My potassium is way elevated. 'What could cause that? Diet? Seems strange to me..." I ask and wonder, and then I hear "high potassium can show a blocked tube... we'll need you to re-take these test in a week. If the levels are still high... we may need to um, look at the remaining tube."

Some days it seems like I can't catch a break...

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