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Friday, March 25, 2011

No Crying Over Spilled Blood...

In this process, let's just say I've had my blood drawn once or twice... I go to Quest Diagnostics, here in Collinsville, and always get the same woman. She recognizes me, from my highs and lows and the hundreds of blood tests she has to do to me... and I'm assuming because of all the work I've made her do (or maybe it's just her normal disposition) she is unbelievably rude and cold to me. Most the time I don't care, but sometimes all I pray for is just a smile with all I'm dealing with. I can't even begin to imagine the difference a smile would make. I have NO problem with needles or blood, yet dread coming EVERYtime because of her.
I just finished having my blood drawn for the (honestly, I've lost count) time, came out to my car, and cried.
Lord, please help me be strong enough to be a light for her. Help her realize she's dealing with fragile people, and sometimes all we need is a welcoming 'hello!', smile, or wave to save us from tears in the parking lot.
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  1. stay strong, Jen. You are walking an incredibly tough road. The lady at the post office made me cry last week. And I couldn't even hold it in until I got to the car. Must be the same lady drawing blood and handling mail. This crap is growing us. :) hugs!