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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bump Update: 11 Weeks


How far along? 11 weeks

Size of baby: Baby is now a lime, or a golf ball... which I think is very different sizes, lol.

Milestones: Starting this week, baby is offically a 'fetus'! Baby is about 2in long, and can kick and stretch inside the womb. Fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and he/she can open and close his/her tiny fists. 

Total weight gain/measurements: I'm now up 5lbs from last week, making me total weight -10 since pregnancy. I had a bad week eating junk. I think it's because the nausea is starting to go away!

Maternity clothes: Loving loose shirts and pants... but still fitting into everything I own besides those tighter babydoll-style shirts. I'm thanking the weight loss for this, because my jeans definitely fit differently, and swing below my little bump now instead of over it. Thinking of buying a Bella band soon...

Stretch marks: My breasts are showing signs of stretch marks, and so is the lower part of my tummy. I've been using cocoa butter, and thinking I should check out BioOil soon (still too cheap to pay for Mederma... lol).

Sleep: Still wanting to go to bed early, but not AS early... sleeping 10-12 hours a night is not uncommon, and Iately I've been able to sleep through the night! As long as I pee right before bed and can right when I wake up! lol

Best moment this week: Getting ready one afternoon and catching Walter stare and hearing him say, "Woah, baby bump!" with a huge smile on his face! He says he can definitely see a baby bump now! Made my day week!

Miss anything? I would give up ANYthing for this baby and not miss it. Walter and I shared a fancy bottle of grape juice and toasted to pregnancy! It helped missing the beginning-of-fall wine I'm used to drinking.

Movement: Still got a ways to go. However, been feeling a 'pulling' sensation under my belly button. After reading up on it some, I think I was feeling the uterus stretching! Pretty weird and cool feeling. 

Food cravings: Having less 'cravings' but definitely going the extra mile to get foods that sound good. Not a lot does. I drove to Edwardsville last night to buy a sandwich at Dierberg's I wanted. Good grief right? lol

Anything making you queasy or sick? Still riding around in a car. Also, letting myself get too hungry.

Gender: Unknown... but people have already starting guessing on Wallheimer Miracle! The guesses have been about 90% girl and 10% boy!

Labor signs: I've got a long way to go! :)

Symptoms: nausea, fatigue, achy muscles, headaches

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? On/off... not because my hands are swollen, but because my skin has been so dry and uncomfortable

Happy or moody most of the time: Very happy :)

Weekly Wisdom: In the midst of infertility it's hard to imagine it when others say 'your time will come'... but it will. Just have hope, determination, and a lot of patience. In my infertility I learned things I would have never learned otherwise, and I wouldn't trade it. 

What stereotype I Embody: Constantly taking bathroom photos to see if I can see the bump in a better light... lol

What I bought this week: Still nothing... but once the carpet gets in this week, I think it will be time to start getting the nursery together! 

What I checked off my to-do list: Walter cleared out the nursery's closet and ripped out the carpet to finish my Momma's hard work of ripping out the carpet in the room.

Looking forward to: Buying a crib and seeing it put together in the new nursery!!!

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