God writes our story.
I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Admit It

Okay everyone... it's time to admit it.

I'm getting antsy. 

When did I know I was really ready again?
I was talking with Walter the other day, and we were discussing the future and the things we wanted to accomplish before we jumped into IVF again. They were the same things we've been talking about: a large yard sale, getting some money into savings, working on our home, taking a nice vacation for just the two of us...
All these things make me smile when I think of them. It's nice talking about them, because it makes me remember I'm excited for other things in my life besides just babies.
I made a joke about how great it is that we're working on these things before "I gotta start jamming needles in me again" and we both laughed... oh the crazy things you think are funny when you're struggling not to cry.
But something whispered... "Needles. Hormones. IVF. The dreaded two week wait... Baby".

And right then I wanted to stick a needle in my tummy more than anything in the world.

Are the needles painful? Yes.
Do the hormones suck? Absolutely.
Is IVF fun? Anything but!

Maybe it will lead to a baby.

Are the needles painful? They're not bad. :)
Do the hormones suck? We're dealing with them. :)
Is IVF fun? We're so very excited! :)

She's worth it. He's worth it.

It's hard to be asked about IVF. Most days people look at my sympathetically and expect me to complain about the needles and the hormones and the fights and the stress and the blah blah blah...

But honestly, I'm antsy to begin round #2.

I'm ready for another chance.

Please by praying for us. We have out IVF #2 date in mind, and we're not rushing it. We're going slow and steady- with our ears pointed to the heavens and waiting for His Word.

To get my 'antsyness' off of baby, I thought I'd begin getting antsy for something else.
I spent the day looking up a bed & breakfast in the area for our trip, and it's looking heavenly.


  1. I am praying for you and sending you METRIC TONS of sticky baby dust!!!!