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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good. Mail. Day.

Today when my husband got the mail, he brought in a box.

It's amazing what a small, unexpected box in the mailbox can do for your day!

Suddenly, we were 'bickering' (totally teasing!) on who got to open it! "Who is it from?!" I ask all too excited.

"Nathan & Laura" he reads...
"My friends! I get to open!" I say, matter-of-fact like a brat :)
"Mine too!" he pouts
"But... but... but!"
"Fine..." he gives

I tear into the box and find an awesome letter explaining the gift I'm about to see. I read the letter and am thrilled to see that my our friend Laura has given us a beautiful butterfly. It is teal and reads, "baby girl" on it. She has plans to send more and I cannot wait! I'm definitely thinking they will soon become a mobile!

Along with these awesome butterflies, we recieved Nightmare Before Christmas figurines from her! Walter and I had such a fun time putting them together, we plan to watch the movie again really soon! One of our favorites! 

Thank you so much Laura and Nathan, for being such awesome friends to us both :) and for these wonderful gifts. I cannot wait to collect all the little upcoming butterflies and see them grow into something really fantastic that we, and our future children, can really enjoy!

Laura, to answer your questions btw:
I love all your ideas! I think they are so heartfelt and thoughtful! Can we add "Our Angels"?
A verse I would love is Psalm 113:9! Definitely plan to get that verse with a memorial tattoo for them all. :)

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