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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day Weekend: The Hope for Future

Okay... whew... glad to get all that crud off my heart.
God knows.

The good of Mother's Day!

Right away in the morning I got beautiful text messages from three good friends; Thank you Leah, Mallory, and Jamie! My husband woke me up with a letter he had written and three handmade coupons for 1) 13 foot massages 2) Five favors of my choosing around the home and 3) our vacation next month! He also is paying for a friend and I to do dinner tomorrow night, and bought me a journal, toaster oven, and a new coffee mug.

We did a little running for flowers for my family, and came home to a beautiful card my best friend Sarah wrote for me. Her words will be forever cherished and a reminder of the reward to the end of this struggle. It's worth it!

I later sent out text messages to the mother's in my phone and got a few really sweet messages back. Thank you Valerie, Connie, and Denise! Words of encouragement can really go far and with every one of these 6 messages my day perked right up. I am so thankful God has placed people in my life who do His work and listen to His words. A text is such a small thing to send, but sometimes such a huge blessing of relief on the receiving end.

The end of the night I finally got the Sidewalk Sale for Adoption divided up and ready to deposit. The Sidewalk Sale had went really well. Sarah is amazing, and I love her heart for doing this with my for four years now. Her friendship and support truly is a gift. Speaking of gifts and blessings, another good friend of mine stopped by the Sidewalk Sale on the way to run errands and dropped off a donation. Leah, you are an amazing friend, and through any seasons God may place us in I believe our friendship is stronger. Thank you. 

My mother had given me another filled jar as well! The jar was $69.98 (dang, two pennies shy! lol) and I raised $165.00 with the Sidewalk Sale! The remaining items have been boxed up and are split between Goodwill and [Re]Fresh

 I tossed in a couple of dollars and some change in my purse (all the money I had on me, lol- does anyone else never carry cash? I really need to get better at that...) and was able to deposit $237.98 into the Adoption Account!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been helping us through this time by encouraging, praying, financially supporting, or by spreading the word to friends. Each area is so important to us, and we pray that you are open to aid us in as many ways possible. 

I even got the Thank You cards I've been meaning to send out! Everyone who has gave a donation or filled a jar now has a card on the way! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience! I'll get better at that!

Thank you so so much who made my 2nd Mother's Day a day of reelection upon all the blessings I've been given, and a heart full of hope for all that is to come. 

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