God writes our story.
I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Just Rambling On

Hello all!
Just thought I'd drop in and tell you how I how we've been! :)

It's been amazing. Since the ultrasound, I have little-to-no fear anymore. I just know I got a strong one in there that's a fighter! What admiration I have for him/her already!

At five weeks I was really, really worried to not be experiencing morning sickness. But then, the day before our ultrasound, God reaffirmed us. This is how a call went between Walter and I.
I called Walter while driving on the way to work.
"Walter, guess what I just did?!?!?!"
"Um... I don't know babe. You still feeling sick?" Then, excited "Didja throw up?!"
"I THREW UP! I totally pulled over at QT and threw up big time! I mean, I thought I was done at least three different times. I'm late to work because I was throwing up at a gas station!!"
Neither of us could barely contain our true excitement because we were finally living this life.
Yep, we were thrilled that I was puking my guts out in a dirty bathroom of a QT. It is an appreciation I thank our years of infertility for.

The rest of week six and seven was pretty uneventful. Never 'sick enough' to throw up, but BOY. WAS. I. SICK. There were numerous times I wished I could throw up to maybe feel better. But I didn't. Instead I tried ginger ale, and peppermints, and lemon drops, and ginger cookies, and everything else people on Facebook suggested for me and it just didn't help. Finally today, at 7w3d, I called in to get Zofran from my doctor. I took it this morning and haven't thought about it again. I'm not tip-top shape, but it's definitely night and day difference. Still glad I got to 'experience' morning sickness... but now I'm glad to experience the miracle of Zofran. :) lol

Um... let's see... what else?
My mom and husband have been babying me. :) They won't let me be around wet paint, or lift anything heavy, or do too much. At first it was a little annoying, but it's really just sweet. They care for this -now BLUEBERRY- as much as I do, and it's just better to be safe.

My doctor said I could dye my hair though... really ready to get the super-faded teal out. But I was still a little nervous. She said after 8 weeks especially is safe because by then all the 'developing' is about done and all baby's got is 'growing'. I decided that was fair, and I'm going to wait until then.

The nursery (and the rest of the house) is coming right along! And though we are beyond anxious to have our new home built and move into it, this home is going to be a great one if we need to bring baby home here. Can't keep us from dreaming though! :)

My best friend, mom, and sister have already been bitten by the baby-shower-planning-bug (yes, me too!) and they're beginning to toss around ideas. We've already come up with a theme and so many great ideas! Thanks Pinterest! I'm now going to do my best to step out of it and let them plan away!

Ladies TTC, I'm praying for you. Everyday. Know that life for me isn't all about baby, and that I still have time for you if you'd let me be there. You are amazing people. Really.

I'm feeling really blessed, and although this isn't the 'end' of a long journey, it's definitely a nice breath. During our pregnancy we plan to update our foster care profile and change out setting to 'foster to adopt'. This means that, for now, we won't be taking any foster children in... but are willing to adopt if a child needs a home. Trying to search for a little consistency. You can tell I'm a planner. Almost 8 weeks pregnant, and already hopeful for our 'specially chosen' #2.

What can I say? I'm just thrilled to be a momma!
PS: Could there be any more smiley faces in this post?! :)


  1. Hey! I've been trying to add you on facebook but there isn't a place to, and now I can't find you at all, lol. My new facebook is under a pseudo name so I can cut some toxic people from my life... here is my new fb profile since I can't add you, would you please add me? https://www.facebook.com/sissy.mac.92

  2. Hey! I went to your profile and there is no 'add friend' button! So I'm confused. :S lol
    Here is my page: http://www.facebook.com/wallheimer2?ref=tn_tnmn
    Maybe you'll have a better shot?

    Can I first say how proud I am of you?! Deleting your Facebook to get rid of toxic people in your life is an awesome step! I think it's such a great great idea! So many people get caught up in what people will think vs what is best for them (like me)! Maybe I'll try to take a page out of your book! :)

    Secondly, I LOVE that you want me on your new page! I really feel blessed and loved! You are one awesome gal. I've been reading your blog, and you sincerely are SO inspiring and strong. I'm so glad I get to know your journey! :)