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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Odd Life

I plan to beg my husband to take me to this movie soon, but I've already teared up at the trailer.
I love it. It looks so beautiful.
Minus the burying of the box, Walter and I have talked often about what our future child my be like, may look like... It gave us hope to keep fighting.
Now that we have a little miracle growing inside my womb, it may be nice to document our 'dreaming' that kept us fighting... and before we watch the movie. Funny thing is, one thing on our list was already on theirs too!

Honest to a fault
Brown, curly hair like Momma's
Big brown eyes and full lips like Daddy
Not necessarily the 'best student' but just an all-around 'good person'
Has manners
Addresses people as 'sir' and 'mam'
Makes messes!
Has a really loud laugh that is contagious
Has their own style
Accepts others for who they are
Will try anything once
A bit of a daredevil
Likes art and basketball
Goes on plenty of adventures
A 'dog person'
Sings along to worship songs
A reader
Stands up for 'the underdog'
Enjoys Family Game Night
Appreciates working for something
Doesn't whine

No, we don't want them to be perfect. We want them to get in trouble following their heart- maybe even throw a punch and be grounded. We want them to make a mess, make mistakes, and make them again...
But most of all we want them to love life. Because he, she, or they will be our miracle.

*Update: We watched the movie and I bawled like a baby the entire time. The middle wasn't terrible, but the beginning and end I was trying not to make that heaving sound while wiping away tears. Oh my goodness, it was beautiful and showed the lives of an infertile couple very well... but it was a tearjerker (especially for a couple who has experienced years of infertility)!

*SPOILER: I'm glad our list is a bit longer!!!

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