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Monday, March 19, 2012

2WW Symptoms

I thought I'd blog about some of the daily symptoms I'm having.
Each new symptom I come across I Google to see if it is a pregnancy symptom... and each and every time it is! ...OR that my body has too much progesterone, which is the injection I'm taking...


So, for my Momma friends, what do you think of these?

Food cravings- I know this seems silly, and that it's probably too soon, and I probably wouldn't even list this if the cravings weren't SO strange. Yes, I've had cravings for specific foods like friend green beans from Fridays, lettuce, Chinese food, and lots and lots of cheese! But the oddest craving was BBQ sauce!! I absolutely HATE BBQ sauce. Ask my mom. Never enjoyed barbecues. I always ate all the side dishes. However, the other day I ordered a pound of pork (which is also weird) in BBQ sauce from Bully's to share with Walter. He definitely didn't complain!

Aches & Pains- I figured the lower back pain was do to my injection location in there, but it aches deep. Random headaches in the temple area as well.

Breasts- My breasts are sore- mostly the sides near armpits. They feel fuller, veins more pronounced, and nipples are larger.

Bloating- Oh. My. Gosh. THE BLOATING!!! I feel like a blimp. Constantly.

Odd & Horrifying Dreams- I have had the strangest and scariest dreams consistently almost every night for the last week. I've dreamt of gorgeous blond (HUH?!) children running and laughing around at birthday parties, and I've dreamt of huge sandwiches that I've lived in. I had a dream last night of a small alien in my classroom while I was a teacher, who was picked on, and sang a very sad song. I woke up this morning, drenched in sweat, singing the song. I've also had the less odd and more terrifying ones... dreams of delivering stillbirths, dreams of bad news and suicide, and of being an old lady in an empty home.

Hot & Sweating- I get hot VERY easily now, and sweat much more than I did. While walking around Target for a moment the other day I stopped and talked to a friend who was positive at any minute I've pass out from dehydration due to the sweat on my face. Haha. I sweat all through the night as well.

Exhausted- Not much activity MAKES. ME. EXHAUSTED! I was thinking this was maybe re-adjusting due to all the bed rest and light activity stuff, but I don't know.

Urination- Much more frequent, then again, I'm drinking 60 ounces of water a day that I never did before.

Mood Swings- Over the weekend, I hated everyone and thought everyone was stupid and annoying. I'm so sorry if we spent time together.

Shortness of Breath- Is my story really that long because I cannot catch my breath?!

The Knot- It's a knot in my stomach that feels it won't digest and I can't vomit. I'm almost used to it now, because it won't go away. However, this knot came about a week before the transfer, I'm assuming due to medication.

I HAVE NOT EXPERIENCED- Any bleeding or nausea, like the doctors mentioned, or constipation, that a friend had asked about. I also have not noticed any heightened smells. Every time I smell something I ask Walter and he usually smells it quickly after, but he has a good nose anyways.

So, I know these signs can be one-part medicine, or one-part pregnancy, or completely and totally my mind filling in the blanks... but I thought I'd ask!

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