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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baby Buys

I just thought it'd be nice to share the things I've been hording/hiding/stashing around my house for baby. I know I couldn't find them all, but I'll post as I buy/find. Not all of these items have been bought, some have been given as gifts. I am not actively buying baby items like a mad woman, though buying a cheap onesie does cheer me up and give me hope.

This is a skull pacifier. It is one of the first things I bought. Looking at it now reminds me of a time where planning for baby wasn't so panicked. I bought it on a whim a few months after Walter and I were married, and we both laughed about it.

These are two onesies, very special to me. My best friend, who had lost a baby, gave me these when I told her I was pregnant with Grace. I still have hope to put her nieces and nephews in these for her.

This crib and changing table were given to me late 2009, from a lady I nannied for. Her daughter refused to sleep in her crib, and only would sleep in her pack-and-play. After helping her get ready for her yard sale, she offered me these beautiful cherry wood items for free. I'll always remember her for that.

This was my grandmother's rocking chairs. It is one of the things she left for me when she passed away. Although it is an uncomfortable thing, its beauty and memories outweigh and I cannot wait to see it in a finished nursery.

This is another item I randomly collected from my grandmother's possessions- her vintage suitcase. The color matches the nursery's colors I've chosen perfectly and I most definitely plan to use a Pinterest idea on this to incorporate it into the room.

These were just Target $1 buys. The nursery's theme will be done in teal, chartreuse, and tan with a knight/princess theme.

When these were on clearance at Wal-Mart I bought a black one for my closet, and a teal one for the baby room door. I can already imagine this holding wipes and diapers.

Books. I have a toy chest full of books and random toys. Toys donated to me by families I nannied for, etc. The toy chest is also special because that way in my nursery when I was a baby. Oh goodness, when the baby is due my mom has offered to paint it for the FIFTH time! lol

I took my cousin Emily to paint pottery with me over the summer. She's only 12, but one of my best friends. I adore her. She mostly knows our story, and I think she aches for a cousin almost as much as I ache for a child. She painted this for our nursery to "give me hope".

I bought this along with two other items on a trip to Target. It's special to me because I was beginning the IVF process and it was the first time I could walk near the aisles without sobbing. I was full of hope.

The other item I bought on clearance at Target.

The third item I bought.

The Thirty-One pattern that gave me the idea for the color scheme. I started ordering bags in this print right away!

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