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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Making Room for Baby

Okay, so Walter and I are disagreeing (which at the risk of sounding mushy, is very uncommon for us) and we aren't sure on when the time is to be excited. I'm excited about baby. I feel like I'm lifting my hands in victory as I about to tear through the rope at the end of the finish line. Walter, on the other hand, is approaching the finish line like it's not a rope, but a flesh-eating snake. Alright, okay, I get why he would be a little unsure about when to run the victory lap- clearly he's learned his lesson. I guess I have not.

Anyways, so the baby blanket was a shock for him. He's letting me do what feels best for me, but what feels best for him is to just support it because it's my choice... Even though I'm tempted, I won't do anything in the nursery yet (I'm sure he'd have a heart attack right then and there) and I'm trying to learn as well. Just because there's a pink positive and sperm and egg joining, doesn't mean we will have a baby to entertain. At the same time, I don't want the horrific past to cloud the future. So anyways... we're trying to work with each other the best possible.

But I'm getting antsy! (And I think my mom is too, lol)
So we had two work days filled with tons of OTHER projects to do before baby... just finishing touches here, and adding more room here. Always, always, always, looking for places to add more room.

So, thanks to Pinterest, we decided our big project was going to be turning a coat closet by my front door (in my living room) into a mini mudroom. We also wanted to add another color in the living room, and painted some grey into the design. With the hormones flowing, the tears flowed as well when frustration came. But in the end, my mom and I grew closer and the project turned out absolutely beautiful.

I'm blessed, even though I don't say it enough, to have her.
My kids will be blessed to have this crazy, over-the-top, loving, selfless, funny granny as well. She looks forward to it.

The finishing touches still need to be added, but you'll have to wait for that picture for another day.

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