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Saturday, March 3, 2012


Here's the shock of your life...

No, I'm not pregnant again.


We got another dog.

If you're still reading, then you must not know the troubles and fights we faced when we got out first dog, Belle. Walter was sent out of town a lot, and me not being a 'pet person', it was a big fight in our marriage. But here's the facts...

1) I will not admit to being a 'pet person'. But I love Belle more than I say. She's loving, sweet, and always excited to see me (albeit TOO excited).

2) Walter constantly brings up the fact he missed Belle's 'puppyhood' and to be honest, I think it's one of his biggest regrets.

3) We've went from jokingly mentioning, to praying, to seriously talking about getting a another dog for a little over a year. We've heard a second dog isn't much more trouble, and the dogs will entertain each other.

4) Dogs are always cuter in two's... and you know it.

So, when the opportunity came on facebook that a cousin of mine had a litter of puppies she was trying to get into homes, I was interested. When I found out they were Husky/German Shepard/Lab mix... I knew Walter would be in heaven. All of his favorites wrapped into a ball of cute.

I surprised him with the opportunity Thursday night. He fell in love at first glance, I can be sure of that. We seriously talked and got right down to core honestly about how we felt, our concerns and worries. We couldn't help but want to give it a chance. Friday evening Walter even came home with a handwritten resolution he had written at work, promising his duty to his family (2 dogs included, lol). It reminded me of the commercial where the young boy makes a power point to convince mom that a dog is needed. :)

We went to get her and brought Belle. They got along just fine and both Walter and I loved her. We brought her home knowing that we were just giving it a shot. If it didn't work, and if it riled Belle up more, that we just could not handle two.

Now, looking back knowing what I know now, it seems silly.
Lucy has been worth her weight in gold. Belle has taken over the mothering role with the pup and they get along and play themselves sleepy. They're out of their kennels all day long, and play together allowing Walter and I to do what we need to. They get sleepy and both go in their kennels when it's time for a nap. Belle has calmed and not only does it make me feel better to keep Lucy, it makes me feel a WHOLE lot better on when it's time to bring Baby Wallheimer(s) home.

I am not a pet person. I am not a pet person. I am not a pet person.

But I love my dogs, and couldn't imagine our little family without them. Things have been changing around here, and now I can feel myself changing and putting them first.

We walk when I'm tired.
I leave the house every day with hair all over my black clothes.
A second bathroom in the next home is important, but I'd trade it in for a yard for my dogs.
We snuggle, we play, and I beg Walter to let them stay out longer even when I'm hurting and sick.

I am not a pet person.

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