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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Now is the time. The shot to end all shots (Well, not really ALL shots... but it does end the hormonr shots)! It's called the 'trigger shot'. It's a shot of HcG that releases the eggs to be ovulated/retrieved!

The HcG shot was done Saturday night at 8:30PM SHARP. They were very serious about this, and even a few minutes off would 'ruin the process'. I was very serious, got off the phone, and joked with Walter about how our clocks better be correct! I really don't know why sometimes I can take the warnings with a grain of salt and how others will send me in a panic shock that I don't even want to be around myself.

Anyways, the shot was awful. It was large and it was the first one that when in my hip VS my stomach. I wasn't too nervous about the hip (Lord knows my stomach needed a break) but I knew Walter was. When it was done I had plenty of special somethings to make me feel better.

Today (Sunday) I get a break from all shots, but I must prepare for the retrieval tomorrow.

It feels so strange to be excited and scared at the same time for something to come.

After a few days of healing, it still looks pretty disgusting. Don't judge the stretchmarks, hair, bruising, etc. Just wanted to show you how it looked not even at it's worst.

You can also see my "Gracie Scar" in this picture. One of the three scars I still have from my ectopic, and it's what we call them.

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