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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

THE FIRST MONTH -My baby(ies) are now the size of...

Yes, I am officially able to begin these posts!

I don't know who started the fascination of comparing your baby to fruit, or random objects, but I LOVE IT!

Week One of my pregnancy was the week of February 20th when I had my induced period.No baby yet.

Week Two of my pregnancy was the week of Feburary 27th when my body prepared, and completed, for ovulation. No baby yet.

Week Three of my pregnancy was the week of March 5th when the sperm and eggs united and made me 5 beautiful baby embryos!

Week Four of my pregnancy is the week of March 12th, where those embryos will (prayerfully) imbed into the living of my uterus. The baby(ies) will now be the size of an apple seed.

Yes, NOW I become REALLY obnoxious... but hey, I've waited a long time/ paid good money/ done my dues and now it's my time! :) Please stay patient will be fellow blog readers, there's still a lot of prayer that needs to be done.

Love to you all!

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