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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Adoption Jar Project: Update #2

If you read my last Adoption Jar Project: Update you read that we received our first jar filled by a friend, and also filled our first jar! We were able to open our Adoption Jar Project Fund, but were mistaken on how much we needed to keep in the account if we didn't want to accumulate fees. We were in need of $92.84 within 30 days. We felt lead to just go through with the opening of the account to 'sow'.

Well friends, God had shown His love to us through a friend. Yesterday it was late when I got the mail, but saw we had a letter from a couple we adore. I was wondering what the letter was about and tore into it quickly to see a check with the amount of $92.84!

My mind was blown away by their generosity. With all the plans they have in their own lives right now, it really brightened our (VERY rough) day to know that they believed in us enough to support us emotionally and financially. It was perfect timing, really.

The envelope had Matthew 6:1-6 written on it, but God knows who they are, would you be willing to pray for our two amazing friends? Please pray that God meets them where they are, comforts them, and blessed them tenfold?

I went and deposited that check into our account today, and you will now notice the fund amount has been updated on our blog to the right. Praise the Lord!

My wonderful friends, you have taught us so much in your walk with God and in your everyday living... but today you have reminded us to put our own worries aside and to help our brothers and sisters. You two are both amazing people who we both love dearly. Thank you.

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