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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adoption Jars!

I thought of an idea, inspired by an amazing friend, and I thought I'd share with you. Please be praying that this idea goes over smoothly, for I am very excited in it.

Think of change -not a difference in your schedule or routine- but like coins. Think of what you do with those coins after buying a newspaper, coffee, or mid-day snack.
Most coins are discarded- either in the car door or in the abyss of the bottom of a purse- and most coins are left unused and unwanted...
It's hard to say, but that is the feeling of most of the children in orphanages. Discarded. Unwanted.

But we want them! We love them and don't even know who they are!

So I made Adoption Jars. They will be delivered to our family and a few close friends this weekend. We are praying our loved ones will want to fill these jars with change they find or find no use for again and again. We have 5 years, and 2 months to save and I am in love with the idea of paying for our adoption with something most find unimportant... but we see the importance in it. I can't help but pick up a found coin, plop it in the jar, and pray for our future little one...

Here's the letter we're sending with the jars:

Dear Family & Friends,
What do you do with your spare change? Do you use it at the laundromat, the parking garage, the vending machine… or are you interested in something more? How much change can a few spare coins really make in a life?
Walter and I would like to ask you for your support and giving. While discussing adoption, and how we could ever afford it, I had an idea. I thought this idea could greatly grow into something blessed and amazing if both families would join in our efforts. If each person gives a little, then not one will have to give a lot.
After years of infertility and multiple attempts to conceive via different methods, our hearts for adoption have grown bigger than ever. There are children in the world who long and ache to have parents, just the same as we long and ache for children. To bring one of these children home would be a dream come true for both.
If you would like to use your spare change to aid in our adventure of adoption we would be forever thankful. Please do not send a check, or even dollar bills. We are asking for the leftover change from your coffee in the morning, or the coins at the bottom of your purse you have forgotten about. Would you consider joining us by filling your jar with unwanted change? If we can join together, pennies and dimes will quickly add up and our family will grow by two feet. I know this sounds like pure cheese to many of you, but you are not here in the middle of the night when Walter and I cannot sleep. You cannot feel the pain and emptiness we feel, and you do not know how often we catch ourselves daydreaming about our future child.
Walter and I plan to do IVF again at the end of summer 2012. This IVF cycle can finally make me the pregnant momma I dream to be! If it does, my heart will be so full, but my body will be exhausted. IVF is a mentally and physically tiring process. If our second attempt is successful, we will not go through the process again unless we have remaining embryos. After speaking with my RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist) she tells me this will be unlikely. If this second IVF cycle fails, our hope will be adoption. We will then be planning on adopting an egg for a third IVF cycle.
Walter and I also have the heart to adopt a ‘older’ daughter from China. A girl around 3 will be our goal- and the cost will be from $20,000-$40,000. However a requirement to adopt this girl is that Walter and I will have to wait until we are both at least 30 years of age- giving us at least 5 years and 2 months to save from the time you read this letter.
Whenever I see a penny on the ground I cannot help but pick it up, toss in the jar, and say a prayer. I think about the day my husband and I will be able to bring home a child- who has possibly been discarded, forgotten, and claimed unimportant. I dream to be able to do this with money that some have discarded, forgotten about, or claimed unimportant. This child, this daughter of ours, will be a member in our family for life. Please consider helping us bring your granddaughter, niece, cousin, or friend home.
Walter and I have already filled, and deposited, our first jarful of change in a special account of savings for this adoption. This untouched account will be where your change will be deposited. You may fill the jar once and return or you may fill the jar multiple times. You may also choose to not take part in this collection. If this is your choice, there will be absolutely no bad feelings. Please return the jar to our home and nothing more needs to be said or done.
You are each in our hearts and prayers, and we appreciate the support and love we have received from each of you.
Read about our journey at: theinconceivablehousewife.blogspot.com

Please be in prayer for the hearts of our family and friends. This will be an everyday, constant reminder that we have support and love from people who care about adoption, our infertility struggles, and fulfilling dreams.

*If you are interested in filling an adoption jar for us, please feel no pressure, but we do have a few leftover. Contact me.

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