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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Making a Home #2: Book Hoarders

This week I worked in our bedroom. A few weeks ago I was able to buy a new comforter I had been 'visiting' for awhile at Target. (On a side note: does anyone else do that? I see something I want and I make a plan to save and get it... but I visit it like a friend almost until I can bring it home! I'm so strange. Sometimes during a 'visit' I decide I don't really want it... or work harder to have it!) I've been really excited to get it washed and on our bed, but also wanted to wait until I could see a 'complete picture'. (Another side note: Does everyone wash their stuff when they bring it home? You totally should. Most bedding, clothing, is actually washed in a solution that contain formaldehyde! Yuck. I was extremely thrilled to find a gorgeous comforter I could wash at home!)

Our bedroom has vaulted ceilings that are very low. We love them, but does make it difficult to decorate. A few months ago, we ditched two tall bookcases downstairs for four short bookcases for our bedroom wall. I decided it was time to clean and organize the stacks of books tossed upon them. I posted a Facebook status about not being able to toss books. I keep them, and hold onto them. A friend of mine suggested a new TV show, 'Book Hoarders'... we'd both be on it. :)

After the books were organized into categories (Christian, Secular, Marriage, Fertility, Walter's Favorites, Jen's Favorites, Journals, Poetry, etc) I went through the clutter of the room. If you haven't noticed, if it weren't for my husband and OCD best friend I may just be on the regular 'Hoarders' show. I have a lot of... stuff.

Cleaned and dusted, and even made up the bed with freshly washed linens and my new comforter. I felt joy and bliss. The room isn't what I feel to call 'completed' just yet, (I'm currently visiting nightstands) and I've already picked out a very less-pink lavender to paint... but the room is coming along really well.

Even though I love my 'stuff', it's amazing how much better I feel with it being gone.
:) I must be a true clutter hoarder.

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