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Monday, April 16, 2012

Testing, Testing, Testing...

Before any of you can say it, though I don't think you would, I'll say it: Having children for ONE day is a lot different than having children for a LIFETIME. However...

I watched my two nephews today. It was a last minute call and I was happy to help. However, I had errands I needed to do as well. So I thought, "Let's give this a shot!"

I went over around 7:30 and Emersn (4) was just waking up. We ate breakfast and played games and soon Pierce (14mo.) woke up and was rustling around. After playing for awhile I got them ready and loaded the car seats into the car. I loaded them up and off we went! We went to the bank, Wal-Mart, the gas station, lunch at Arby's, and then went to my house to take care of the dogs. We even took the puppy (Lucy) for a short walk... Emersn 'helped' while I carried Pierce for half of the walk. :) I cleaned up a bit and got ready myself and we loaded back up to go to my sister's. We played, jumped on the trampoline, and had a great time until my sister got home. Immediately after I picked up my friend Sarah for our Mosaic training.

I have to admit, when my sister showed up I was proud of myself. They were happy, I had gotten what I needed to done, and they weren't a mess. I thought, "Oh yeah, I'm ready!".
It was hard leaving, because I couldn't pretend like it was my life anymore. I went to training and came home to an empty, quiet home. Although I had a great day and was slightly anxious for it to be 'my turn' I sat in the silence and tried to appreciate it...

...and I was able to.

My time will come. I know it. For now I'll enjoy all those things I'll miss when I am a mom. I don't want to miss a minute of sleeping in, an uninterrupted movie night with my husband, spur-of-the-moment dinner plans with a friend, or even an empty home to read or blog in.

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