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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Giuliana & Jen

Walter and I have spent the last two weeks looking at our expenses and cutting back things we could 'live without'. We have cute down the times we go out for dinner per week, halved our cell phone minutes, canceled our TV, etc. We cancelled our Netflix as well, but we still got to have it for a remaining month, since our bill was paid up. Netflix is cheap, but also hasn't been my favorite expense either. A lot of the time it is very hit or miss if there's anything worth watching. However, since it has been our only TV for the last few weeks we have been less picky.

I've heard about Giuliana & Bill before, you almost can NOT at least hear a bit about them while going through infertility and IVF. I had heard they had problems, and decided to go through IVF so I thought what the heck... The first two seasons were on Netflix. During the first season, to be honest, I had to have something else to do while it was on. It was boring. I thought about skipping to the IVF season, but thought that wouldn't be fair.

I stuck with it and soon was on the second season, really the beginning of their TTC. The second season they haven't been TTC for at least a year, so they aren't labeled as 'infertile' quite yet, but they did undergo their semen analysis, first ultrasound, HSG, and an IUI. I'm not going to lie, I've looked up a series overview.

I know after their failed IUI, they begin to look into IVF. Their first IVF cycle does get her pregnant, however she miscarriages at 9 weeks. They go again for their second IVF cycle, a FET (frozen embryo transfer), however that cycle does not result in a pregnancy. After two IVF cycles, they find out Giuliana has breat cancer, and must have a double mastectomy.

You know, we thought about IVF a lot before we followed through. We did a lot of thinking, praying, and researching, before we knew it was for us... But, while I sit here and hear Giuliana trying to decide to do IVF or not, tons of feelings run through me. The biggest feelings? Strength, and pride.

Yes Guiliana, it is a scary decision. Yes, there are a TON of risks that can cause permanent damage to your body. You're right, it is a lot for a busy schedule and relationship to take on. You hit the nail on the head when you said it was opening yourself up to a stigma and judgement.

But you do it anyway. You do it for the chance at something many women all over the world take for granted. You power through, and in my case, get strength from the Lord to carry on. You get hope that it's all worth it. Even when it doesn't work... you get hope for round 2... or 3.

I'm not saying I'm going to be an IVF addict. Walter and I have already decided our IVF Rules & Promises. Actually, I think they're important enough to share again:

IVF Rules & Promises
1) A fresh IVF cycle will be repeated for cycle #2 at the end of summer 2012.
2) All embryos resulted in this, and any, IVF cycle will be given a chance and will someday be implanted. No matter how many cycles it takes.
3) If there are no remaining embryos in the second fresh IVF cycle, and it is NOT successful, a donor egg will be searched out for on last go. (Walter at first was against adopting an embryo, but now we are really praying on it again. I feel a strong calling for that. It means a lot more travel, most likely to Florida, but possibly a lesser cost.)

Just finished the second season and I will definitely keep up with watching. It's nice that she's so out and open about it, she's able to help others. I hope to be the same way.


  1. I've sort of followed their story for the past year or so. I see their new season just started, and I really think I'm going to start recording it on our DVR. She is inspring and so open and honest!

  2. It's been nice to watch and know some of my reactions aren't crazy! lol