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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Ignore Infertility

This week, April 22-28, is National Infertility Awareness Week.
I wanted to share some information on this blog and ask you to help get the word out. So many women feel uncomfortable about sharing their pain, or feel too embarrassed and keep it bottled inside. Please help make infertility no longer a taboo subject!

The following is from Resolve.org:

April 22-28, 2012 is National Infertility Awareness Week®, a nationwide campaign intended to educate the public about infertility and the concerns of the infertility community. Since 1989, RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association has led efforts to celebrate this special week by hosting events and activities designed to encourage grassroots advocacy and motivate the infertility movement.

This year’s theme is “Don’t Ignore Infertility.” We chose this important message because every voice that speaks out about the realities of infertility, and every act that acknowledges infertility as a medical condition with far-reaching social and emotional implications, helps tear down the wall of ignorance and silence that surrounds this devastating disease.
During NIAW 2012, we are calling upon everyone in the infertility community to commit to some act – large or small – to show that we won’t ignore infertility. Together, we can educate millions of people about a disease that is often overlooked and misunderstood by healthcare professionals, the government, insurance companies, the media, and even friends and family members.

It’s time to make our voices heard!

What You Can Do
Join with RESOLVE in championing the “Don’t Ignore Infertility” theme during the last week of April. Here are several ways you can show your support:

Don’t ignore opportunities to talk about infertility. Do you blog? Tweet? Teach a health class? Have a book group? Take advantage of opportunities in your daily life to share information about or bring attention to the cause of infertility.
Don’t ignore legislation affecting infertility patients. Several pending and existing laws encroach upon the rights of the infertile to freely build their families. Help change policy and protect your rights by writing to your representative or attending RESOLVE's Advocacy Day in Washington, D.C. on April 25.
Don’t ignore infertility support available. Infertility is a lonely road, but no one has to travel it alone. Join an online infertility forum or local support group to find a warm, welcoming environment.
Don’t ignore people struggling with infertility. Reach out to friends or family members struggling with infertility. Ask how you can best support them in their journey.
Don’t ignore the impact of making a donation. Every cent donated donated helps bring needed programs and services to women and men with infertility. Sign up for the Walk of Hope or create your own fundraising event in your location.
Don’t ignore family building alternatives. You can build your family through many paths. During this week, open your mind to options that you had not previously considered.
Don’t ignore your own strength. If you’re engaged in the fight against infertility, take a moment to recognize your courage and determination, as well as that of the sisters and brothers fighting alongside you.

The following is from theinfertilityvoice.com:
"We could be strangers.
We might pass each other on the street. We could be standing in line behind one another at the grocery store. We might even be sitting together in the same doctor’s office waiting room. We could be watching the same movie together at the movie theatre, or sitting at tables right next to each other at our regular pizza joint.
We could be office mates, roommates, classmates: sharing in conversation every day, talking about what we watched on TV last night, discussing homework or work projects, figuring out from which place we want to order in for lunch or dinner.
Or we could be family. We could be your sister, your son, your brother, your daughter. Your in-law. Your aunt. Your cousin. Your nephew twice-removed.
In a sea of hundreds of faces you might see in a day, we could be anyone you know and more likely than not, we are someone you know.
Infertility is an invisible disease, one that touches the lives of 7.3 million people in this country. Our invisibility makes it easy for others to dismiss our concerns, our emotions, our struggles – and a cultural silence is cast upon this patient population as a result.
But we’re here. We exist.
Our concerns, emotions and struggles are valid."

Please share the ways you are being a spokesperson for infertility in the comments!

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