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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adoption Jar Project: Update

We delivered a lot of our adoption jars over the Easter weekend!
It's very exciting to see some of our friends and family get excited with us!

I also collected a jar from my amazing friend Jamie. (I was supposed to bring her an empty jar and forgot, I will catch up with you Jamie!) but she brought her own mason jar already filled! She's such an amazing friend. Thank you, thank you, thank you Jamie!

Jars delivered to:
Walter's parents and grandmother (Walter, Denise, & Irene)
My parents (Ron & Robin)
My friend (Britney)
My friend (Sarah)
My aunt and cousins (Jackie, Emily, & Jackson)

I also have friends who have started their own jars:
My cousins (Marie, Tom, & Mikey)
My cousin (Marina)
My friend (Jamie)

I'm trying to think, and I think that's everyone so far. It's been happening so quickly! Thank you so much to everyone who has given support financially or through prayer! Please let me know if you're interested in an Adoption Jar (we have four left) or if you're interested in starting one for your family yourself!

Walter and I were able to open an Adoption Jar account yesterday thanks to our first filled jar combined with Jamie's! This is a very exciting milestone to us. Our banker also has our sworn promises to not withdraw no matter what. :) He's become a friend of ours, and has been such an awesome smiling face when we need it. (Thanks Josh!) However, if we don't get another $92.84 in our account within the next 29 days, he will be forced to charge us a fee. This is our goal and hope, and we know God knows our needs. Please be in prayer with us.

We also added a tally of our account on the right side of this blog, under the Adoption Jar picture. We want you to know the growth a few quarters can have. We hope you'll be able to be excited with us and be inspired by the change your change is making! (The 'change' puns will forever be there, be prepared for a long 5years if you hate it! Hah!)

Alright, alright... I know this is a shameless plug... but for those of you who don't have a heart for the Adoption Jars but are interested in helping...

*I'm an attentive and loving nanny! ;)

*I'm an awesome housekeeper! ;)

*I'm back to work at Collinsville Starbucks next Saturday, you may tip! ;)

*I'm having a 'Sidewalk Sale for Adoption' at my home May 4th-5th! This is my FOURTH year! ;)

*I sell the amazing products of Thirty-One! ...AND I got the NEW catalogs yesterday! ;)

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