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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making a Home #1: Vino & Cafe Bar

Here it is! My first 'Making a Home' project!

Project: Turning a cluttered corner of my dining room into a functional coffee and wine bar for serving. This will free up counter top space in our kitchen and make our coffee goodies more available for guests or after-dinner drinks.

This project was inspired by this Pinterest picture:



I know it doesn't look a lot different, but this project has made two spaces less cluttered!
Coffee cups are stacked in the bin to the right with dining table linens on top. Coffee thermoses are in the bin to the left with champagne glasses, and other bar tools.
Coffee and wine are stacked in the middle.
K-cups are in the drawer to the right, and serving utensils are in the drawer to the left.

What do you think? It's not 100% just yet. I would like a coffee cup stand holder for at least four cups. I'm also thinking of an Uppercase Living wall sticker saying "Cafe & Vino" about the wine photo.

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