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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Clean for Our Future

I've spent all day cleaning out a room in our home.
I've recently decided, for the thousandth time, that it's time to get our house into shape.
It's not that I don't stick to the promise... it's just that I'm one of those people who attach sentimental value to EVERYthing. Every year, I get more and more frustrated... and less and less clingy to a few objects.
So a few more objects leave the house, but most items sink their teeth into me for another year.

I know it's something I bring on myself, but it's really hard being this type of person. I can seriously break into tears throwing away a concert T-shirt from the 8th grade. I try and I try and I try to be better, but it seems hopeless most attempts.

Today I've been cleaning out our office, which is really just one of the many hodgepodge rooms in our house. It used to be a storage room, but then Walter wanted to get a second TV for the house (and after much resistance) I worked my butt off we turned the room into a second family room. Then, I had the great idea to move his office desk into the room too... and then I could get my desk next to his... and it can also be a scrapbook/gift wrap/ craft station... oy. You see how it gets crazy stupid. As I sit here thinking, we hardly use the room because it was SO cluttered. Too many purposes, and it made not doing one of them easy or fun.

This is what it looked like about two hours in:

Anyways... cleaned my butt off in it today.
This is where I'll tell you I'm also the type of person that if I do something, I DO IT. I mean, I went through every. single. paper. in our file cabinet (and threw out all the papers from 2009 when we got the desk). I folded sheets perfectly (who knows why they're in here!). I fixed a broken lamp and shined (the yard sale find) til it was like new. All or nothing.

I sit here taking a break, literally 6+ hours later almost done, but also wiped out. I know I must push through and finish or it will never get done. Sigh.

I usually get super-motivated around this time because my Sidewalk Sale for Adoption is coming up! This is the fourth year a friend and I have sold items and raised money to go into our adoption funds. I live right on Main Street so it's easy for everyone.

I thought that I might need to make a schedule on what I plan to get done before it gets here, because although every year it goes really year I always feel slightly unprepared. Walter and I are coming up on a really busy season personally as well, so prayers will be appreciated.

Here is what the room looked like by the end of the night:

Not too bad! The white bin Walter has to go through. It's all his bags and clothes he left in the closet when he moved. There's a few more items that need to be taken down to the 'sale spot' in the basement, and some smaller organizing here and there... but with two trash bags and four Rubbermaid containers full of stuff purged... I'm thinking it's progress to be appreciated. :)

While I was cleaning I did find another onesie I had bought and wasn't able to find for my "Baby Buys" post. I thought someday I'll have a child to put in it, so might as well share! Many will not approve... but it's so our style.

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