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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New: 'Series' Posts

Reading other blogs I've grown a fondness for series posts. This way it's easier to follow specific stories in a blog you're interested in. I've been thinking of a few series posts I plan to begin and stay committed to.

1) Losing to Gain (Mondays)
Blogs specifically aimed towards loosing weight for our next IVF process. My goal is to lose 25+ pounds and to get into the habit of eating healthier for pregnancy.

2) The Grace Letters (Tuesdays)
Letters to my little ones in heaven

3) Making a Home (Wednesdays)
Blogs on what I am doing around the home!

4) Infertile Marriage (Thursdays)
Tips and tricks Walter and I have found at growing together through the struggles of infertility.

5) Adoption Jar Project
Updates on how the project if going and thanks to all you amazing people helping with funding!

I don't plan to post every day, but these are the themes I will try to stick to... as well as still post my other rants and raves like you've been reading. :)

Are there any other topics you would be interested in reading about?

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