God writes our story.
I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

2WW Thank You's

08/08/12 Thank you to my momma who brought me Tylenol and lunch to keep my company while recovering from my egg retrieval.
08/08/12 Thank you to my amazing bestie Britney for spending time with me and bringing me delicious bread!

08/09/12 Thank you to my momma again who picked me up to get me out of the house and take me to lunch. THEN she help dry 1,000 dishes as I washed. :)
08/09/12 Thank you to Britney who picked me up and got me out of the house again. Michael's is my favorite.

08/10/12 Thank you Kimberly for not only hooking us up with sandwhiches like you offered, but also dinner, breakfast, and flowers! You are seriously amazing, and I will never forget that.

08/11/12 Thank you Britney for bringing food  and keeping me company while we sat and crafted most of the day! So grateful to have amazing company!
08/11/12 Thank you Dad and Momma for coming by and checking up on me. Even though Dad sucked something awful at Black Ops.

08/12/12 Thank you Britney for picking me up and taking me to church because Walter was working. I'm so glad you were willing to go to our church so I could be able to go. Also, thank you for the WalMart distraction and more crafting time!
08/12/12 Thank you Jamie for bringing by a care package full of books, movies, and the first three seasons of the Gilmore Girls! You are a lifesaver. I've began the first season... and I can see how someone can get hooked! How did I miss this show?!

08/13/12 Thank you to my wonderful Momma who brought by a gift for my husband today. After a rash decision of selling of microwave to try to help with infertility, we realized we can't live without one! Haha. My Momma found a great deal at the back-to-college sales and we now own a microwave again! Walter is thrilled!

08/14/12 Thank you craft night friends, Sarah and Britney, for listening to my aching to know and dealing with my inability to concentrate.

08/15/12 Thank you to my sister who distracted me by inviting me over for a movie.
08/15/12 Thank you Mike for coming over, and for praying with us. It was exactly what we needing on this day. You were doing God's work.

08/16/12 Thank you to the Starretts for opening you home for FPU and for being so sweet, as always.

08/17/12 Thank you Jamie for meeting me for 'coffee' and catching up. It was so nice to see you again. I really enjoy getting together with you. ALSO, thanks for giving me the new Thirty-One catalog to let me shop, shop, shop (and keep distracted)!
08/17/12 Thank you to my momma who bought lunch and talked and dreamed with me about houses and babies. I'm blessed to have you.
08/17/12 Thank you Britney for letting me drag you around looking for things I wanted to buy.

08/18/12 Thank you to my wonderful favorite pre-teens who met me for ice cream. You are some of the best kids I know. I miss being with you for Fusion, but am so glad we are 'friends' now instead of 'leader/student'! Love to you all!

08/20/12 Thank you Laura for meeting Walter and I for lunch! We love spending time with you!


  1. I'm sure you know this but I needed our talk much more than you probably needed my bag of stuff. Glad you enjoyed though!

  2. I don't know, I'm fairly addicted to the GG now... ;) Love chatting with you anytime!