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Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Pain in my Side (HcG)

Well, my husband and I have been a busy couple lately.

I nannied (I know it's not a real word!) for two of my favorite kids for a week, and we went to the Science Center, Six Flags, the St Louis Zoo, and Build-A-Bear. They're seriously some of my favorite kids on Earth, and though they wear me out, I can't wait to hang with them again. 

Walter's been working up a storm. 
We had awesome family visit us from out of town.
...We've also been looking pretty seriously at a new house. :)
Do we have ours up for sale yet? Nope. The goal is by September 1st to have our home listed, but although we're busy with other things, we're also in a rush to get into our 'new home'. We've shopped, and talked, budget-ed out our ears... and we're ready. With every fiber in us we want to do whatever it takes to be ready. We've settled on a house, on an exterior color theme, and even on a lot. Yep, we're planning to build!  

First three goals to moving in our dream home:
1) Get Collinsville home ready, and listed for sale.
2) Pay off any debt, cut back where possible, and get approved for a loan.
3) Place a $1,000 'hold' on the lot we have chosen until we are ready to build!

Eek! It's so exciting! Walter and I keep making the joke that this home will be 'baby's first gift'- we are definitely hoping to be in the home by time a little one arrives- which, depending on this month's IVF COULD BE IN NINE MONTHS OR LESS! That's still crazy for us to think about, no mater how long we've been trying. :)

Th spec home of the "Hickory Colonial' :)

Our kitchen! Keeping the cabinets, changing the countertop.

The living room! Keeping the vaulted ceiling, losing the fireplace.

Our decisions on color. 'Brenner Pass' brick, 'Tuscan Clay' siding, black shutters and door.

Alongside all of this, I've doing doing IVF shots like crazy. This time is definitely more rough on me. I'm not sure if it's because it is round two, or if it's because I pushed myself too hard this past week, or if it's the different drugs... but I'm not going to complain. I'm thrilled. I'm feeling excited, sick, nervous, anxious, and EXCITED! I really feel like this is our time. 

IVF Round Two: Follistim, Menopur, and Certrotide. 3-7 injections per day. 

Tonight, all those injections came to an end... and new injections began! lol But these are the exciting ones!
If you followed my story last time, you know about the 'trigger shot'. It's a shot of HcG that you take a couple of days before your egg retrieval! Yes friends, you read right! I did the trigger shot tonight and our egg retrieval will be Tuesday! Please be in lots of prayer for us, because it's always a little unnerving when surgery and anesthetic are being done. 

For my IVF savvy readers: The doctor's goal for me is 18 follicles. Last go-round I had 24. This time, I 'only' have 14- 7 on each side -that measure 10mm. I have one follicle that measures 24mm! :S The doctor has now deemed this too large to use, taking me down to 13 usable follicles. :) The doctors are still confident. Last go-round my doctor wanted 10 eggs, and she got 12. This time, she keeps mentioning 20 eggs! Yikes! 

Tomorrow I plan to attempt to get caught up on laundry and housecleaning for the week of surgery and bed rest ahead. Hopefully, I'll be feeling well enough to get things ready. Walter will be taking off of work Tuesday and Friday to be there for the retrieval/transfer, and I'll have my momma visiting me Wednesday and Saturday to help take care of me. Mommas are pretty amazing.

Also amazing, are all of you wonderful people sending me encouragement texts. I seriously couldn't imagine my days of IVF without these little texts of encouragement. You have no idea how they lift my burden and fill my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Until next time, which I'm sure will be soon do to a packed week mostly on bed rest, I appreciate all the prayers and love I'm getting from you all. I've been far blessed with something great- child or not.

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