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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm an Octomomma!

Yesterday after my egg retrieval our nurse kept emphasizing the importance of taking things easy. Right as Walter walked in after surgery I woke up and was wide awake. I was able to eat, drink, and pee (the 'tests' you must pass to leave) within 15 minutes. It was so quick, the nurses kind of took their time getting my paperwork together. She kept telling me to take it easy- I definitely planned to- but I was just so excited to be 'up and at it' again. I don't think it really settled in that we're doing IVF again until I woke up from anesthesia. Now, the wait begins... before the Two Week wait... before the 9 month wait. :)

Dr. Odem (the IVF on-call doctor this week) was able to retrieve ELEVEN EGGS out of the 13 possible follicles! It was upsetting at first, because of course I had unrealistic expectations of in the 20's... but I then became very excited of the odds.

Walter and I got home, and I still was wide awake- very, very different from last time- and I was hungry! I ate a whole helping of mac n' cheese by myself, watched a movie, watched some SNL... Walter kept telling me "Babe, you really need to sleep" BUT I JUST COULDN'T. It was like Christmas morning. Finally, he came up with a great idea (and it just goes to show you how well he knows me). "I think you should just lay down and cover up for a bit... I think I'm going to watch one of my shows now. He puts on one of his shows that I don't like, and he said I was asleep within 10 minutes of it. lol Thank you 'Pysch'!
When I woke up I ate a ton more! I don't know what was with me! My two besties Britney and Sarah still came over for 'Craft Night', but we didn't do much crafting. :) We sat around, talked, dreamed, and laughed until about midnight-thirty.

This morning when I woke up it wasn't the same story. I was very sore, and feeling like I was having some serious cramps. Walter wouldn't leave the house without setting up my laptop for me, and bringing me the TV remote, PlayStation remote, a new refill on water, etc. He's a good man. :)
My mom came around 10AM and sat and talked for an hour before she had to go to a lunch. She's on her way back soon with lunch for me. She's a good woman. :)

However, while she was gone, I got a phone call. One of THE phone calls in the IVF process. Our fertilization update!

To compare it to last time, you'll need to be reminded of a few things:
March IVF
23 follicles and retrieved 12 eggs
Attempted fertilization on 6- Five eggs fertilized
6 eggs attempted cryopreservation, and 5 eggs survived

August IVF
13 follicles and retrieved 11 eggs
Attempted fertilization on 11- EIGHT fertilized!!!

The nurse that called said this was very good and that she was very excited for us!
Now begins the wait until Friday. Friday at 7:30AM we will be called and updated on the growth of our wonderful little embryos. We will either be told to head down almost immediately for a 3-day transfer, or told to wait until Sunday for a 5-day transfer. Walter and I have decided to transfer two embryos again this time.

We simply cannot wait, and I'm beside myself with nervousness and excitement. I truly feel blessed.


  1. Super Excited!!! Can't wait to see what they say on Friday!!!! (I'll be out of town though with limited internet access so please send a quick rundown to me via text! I'll be sure to remind you if you forget!!)

  2. Tomorrow is another big day! Can't wait to hear an update!!!

    Just a question -- how do you decide how many embryos to transfer? What happens to the other fertilized ones? This IVF processes you're going through has been eye-opening. I had no idea it was so involved and all-consuming. I'm praying SO HARD that it works this time! :)

  3. Thank you Leah, Laura, and Stephanie!!! :)

    Stephanie- The number of embryos you transfer depends on your facilities guidelines and your own personal choice. My facility only allows up to 2 until 30. At 30, you're allowed to choose up to 3, and at 35, they'll allow as many as 5, depending on past history/attempts, etc. My husband and I have decided, both times now, to implant two- due to quality factors. Many women choose to implant as much as possible 'for the best odds' but honestly, it's been shown the fewer the better if you have good quality. It's also been shown that women who choose to implant just one tend to give birth to more multiples than women who implant three or more! :) Walter and I value life, and believe life is in a single cell, so we choose to save as many lives as possible by giving them the best chance in my womb or attempting to freeze them for later. Some women do choose to 'dispose' of leftover embryos or adopt them out. Walter and I have decided that if we're ever given the blessing of having embryos survive the freeze that we would go back to do IVF as many times needed to give those babies a chance. Unfortunately many of our embryos have been very poor quality and pass quickly. You learn as you go along, and the staff has been amazing. Thank you so so SO much for praying!