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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pregnancy Stories I Couldn't Tell You Until Now

Test Timeline
08/15 I decide to go and buy a pregnancy test first thing for my fmu. I go to Dollar General to buy the cheapest test I can find, but there is not a single pregnancy test (or condom) in sight! Welcome to crazy Collinsville, folks! I make a trip to Walgreen's, but it's still too early and they're closed. Finally, I pick up a pack of 5 digitals at Wal-Mart for $18!

08/15 I cannot wait to test for the first time! I know it's early, but I throw caution to the wind and do it anyway. My first test is negative.

08/16 I wake up and immediately talk myself into testing, and then to not test, and then to test again. Finally, the urge to pee and my anticipation gives in. My second test is positive!

08/17 Another positive!

08/18 Another positive from a test I found in a drawer! 

08/19 Still positive!

09/20 Still another positive! 

08/22 Blood work has confirmed pregnancy with a 149! I'm pregnant!

08/24 My HcG levels are rising! 359 today!

2WW Symptoms

I've been reading IVF Success Stories, and so much of it gives me hope!
To compare this is a great website and this is how I'm feeling:

1dpt: Feeling period-like cramps already. So strange to be feeling this so early. Craving cheese. Stomach feeling very full and bloated. Had dreams of breastfeeding.

2dpt: Still cramping, and having sharp pains. Craving cheese. Stomach feeling very full and bloated. Fairly emotional. Skin beginning to be a bit oily and break out. Breasts feel fuller.

3dpt: Breasts are definitely tender and sensitive, and are painful when lying down for a long period and getting up. Had an intense craving for salt, finally settled on lime chips, but really wanted Soy sauce. My husband and my mother both said I was very warm to the touch, but did not take temperature. Emotional and started to get a sore lower back.

4dpt: Woke up to a very sore lower back and sore breasts. Oily skin on face. Just had to have a sub sandwich. Tearful, and down.

5dpt: Took a HPT w/ FMU and it was a BFN. Very down and depressed feeling. Was extremely irritable and tearful.

6dpt: Woke up to my breasts and back not in pain anymore. Began to feel very down and worried about my symptoms reducing. Took a second HPT w/ FMU and it was a BFP!!! I couldn't think of anything else for the rest of the day. :) Told my two best friends.

7dpt: Couldn't help myself! I took another HPT and yep, still positive! I felt good, I mean, really good! I wasn't tired, I wasn't achy, and I was so darn chipper! I loved it! I met a friend for coffee at 10AM, and then met my momma for lunch. I went to a job interview, and went shopping and to dinner with a friend. I was running around nonstop for about 8hrs, and it was perfect. Was very thirsty throughout the day and had a few hot flashes. Very fatigued at the end of the night.

8dpt: Woke up to my breasts hurting again. Pure exhaustion. From fine to starving!

9dpt: I could sleep all day long and still not be content. Positive HPT. Told our parents and my sister.

10dpt: Feeling really good, except my still-sore breasts.

11dpt: Still feeling really good. Breasts still sore. A bit of 'pregnancy brain'- or so I'm blaming it on that. Positive HPT.

12dpt: VERY sore breasts when waking up. A bit nauseous. First blood work drawn, doctors expecting higher than 5 (but probably less than 100) and we blew them away with 146! It's my new favorite number, I think, lol. Started to tell family, friends, and fellow TTC-ers.

13dpt: Still sore breasts. Craving spicier foods than I normally eat, especially things like queso. Definitely an achy back and achy thighs, but still so so happy!

14dpt: Blood work rising and now 349!

Telling Family

Telling Our Parents
My parents asked us to go to a late lunch with them and talk with them about our plans of buying a new home. It was the first time we really sat down and talked about it. Afterwards, we asked them to go with us and look at it for the first time. They were hesitant, because they were concerned about our budget with a 'possible baby and bigger mortgage' on the way. They said a few times how they wish we could know before doing anything, and we told them that a baby makes us want this more! We took them to our new home, and handed them our leather binder with all the paperwork and told them to check it out. When my dad opened it he saw a onesie and a bib. "What? What's this?!" he said showing my mom. "That's our way of telling you we're pregnant!"
Afterward we took the same folder to his parents!

Telling My Sister
After telling our parents we got milkshakes and asked DQ for an extra bag. We threw in a onesie a friend gave us 'for the future' that said "My Aunt Rocks!" on it. We stopped by my sister's, sipped our milkshakes, and gave her the bag. She opened it and got so very excited -as planned- and talked about how cute it would look on my niece -again, as planned-. After a bit, I casually added, "...it will look really cute on her, and then our kids can borrow it." "Oh yes!" she said excited, but it not 'clicking' just yet. So we stared at her, and she stared back at us. We saw the look of surprise and shock register across her face as shes realized we were telling her we're pregnant!

My 1st Pregnancy 'Oops!'
While beginning to pack up things and de-personalize (aka get rid of clutter) in our home to get it ready to show. I finally decided to let go of a beautiful candle holder that held 5 red votives. It was one of those things that was hard to let go. As I'm bringing it down for the book shelf, I fumble a bit, and a votive falls to the ground and shatters. Red glass is everywhere! In the other room, buried in the rug, under the couch... Sigh. I get  the broom to begin sweeping the mess up and in doing so I knock over a three-foot mirror by my front door and it shatters as well.
I'm definitely blaming this on finally being a 'clumsy pregnant lady', but I hope I don't break any more items over the next 8 months... I told my husband I was 'decluttering'! He asked me to do it more safely, and maybe to try and sell the things we don't want/need anymore... Picky, picky, picky...

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