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Friday, August 24, 2012

Battle of the Moms

While I sit here and wait for blood work results I'm thinking of all the different types of moms out there today... and which I may want to be. There are just so many 'sides of the fence' to choose from...

Should I breastfeed or do formula?
Nanny, SAHM, family, or daycare?
Is co-sleeping the right thing or not?
Is homeschooling an option I should look into or public school?
Cloth-diapering or disposable?
Make my baby food or buy?
A mom of boys, girls, multiples, a singleton
Will I be a biological mom, an adoptive mom, ad foster mom...

With so many options and so many opinions, it's easy to seclude ourselves into a smaller community. Those 'public school' moms don't understand... Those crazy 'cloth diaper mommas' are nuts... Is she her 'real' mom?

But really, don't mommas need all the help and support they can get? What if moms decided to stop arguing over the raising of their own children and just support each other?

In my book, if you love your child, then there is nothing you're doing wrong.

Make your own decisions.

Make mistakes.

Change your mind.

Just don't stop loving those children, and supporting other moms in your area.

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