God writes our story.
I am still learning to surrender the pen.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

One Bad Apple

(My babies are the size of appleseeds this week and I thought I'd run with a theme! lol)
Funny how one bad apple can ruin your thinking. I got a comment from a past 'friend' on my blog late last night and it was rude and hurtful. 

I must admit it gave me pause to really think about my decisions. Had I done the right thing? Even though she was hateful about it, did other people feel this way? What if I had caused other people pain? 


  1. This person is not a true friend. once again, while I completely get that everyone walks a different path, only those who have been down yours can understand. I lost some friends through my infertility journey too. I am all the more grateful for those who truly care, love and support me now more than ever!! Dont worry about her, love. You deserve every happiness. xoxox

  2. Hi Jen!! Glad you liked the baby names :) I haven't gone as to far to "allow" myself to dream about what attributes I imagine our baby will have. Good future blog idea!

    By the way, I think you handled the pregnancy thing perfect!! As an infertile, its always hard to hear that someone got what you wanted, but you were so sensitive, acknowleding feelings and reminding everyone that YOU have had a journey. I love that you choose to celebrate it and praise God. Thank you for how you told us, I think it was sensitive and awesome :)